Monday, August 24, 2015

Tuesday/Wednesday, August 25/26, 2015

Announcements and Reminders:
Remember to bring back your signed disclosure signature sheet -- with the VIP form filled out on the back. 

Remember to bring a composition book to leave in the classroom.

School Pictures:  September 3-4

Remember to prepare for your spelling test about its/it's and to/too/two. 
The tests will be on August 27/28 -- next time! 

There will be a school dance for 7th and 8th graders
right after school this Friday
2:45 - 4:00pm --  $2.00 entrance fee

Targets for Today:
 I will participate appropriately in class
        (Utah State Core Speaking and Listening, Standard 1)

 I will understand what a plot is, and be able to explain at
       least two parts of a plot.
        (Utah State Core Reading Literature, Standard 3)

I will be prepared to take my spelling test next time on these commonly confused words:  to/too/two and it's/its.

Today’s  Agenda:
 Getting ready: 
     Pick up your composition book.
     Hand in your disclosure signatures and VIP form if you have them ready.
         Turn them in by placing them in the top wire basket for your class.
     Pick up the yellow quarter-sheet handout from the desk at the front of the classroom.

     1.    C.S.I. -- Correct Sentence Investigations

    CSI: American Fork

    On the handout, list everything that you notice about this sentence:

                         1. The room grew silent.

     We will discuss what you observed in the sentence, and tickets for our Friday drawings will be awarded to students who contribute to the discussion.

     Suggested observations:
         The first letter of the sentence is capitalized.
         The sentence ends with a period.
         "Room" is a noun  and the subject of the sentence.
         "Grew" is a verb.
          "The" is an article, a particular type of adjective.
          "Silent" is an adjective describing the room.
          It is a simple sentence.

2. Focus for today: PLOT

Plot Map

Copy the definition, and 

 draw this map (to take up a whole page) if you haven't already done it.

Plot:  A series of related events that make up a story


       The exposition introduces us to the character(s), setting (place and time), 
             and may give us other  background that will help us understand the story.
        The conflict is the problem faced by the main character or characters in the story.

        The inciting incident is something that happens that triggers the problem/conflict -- gets things               going in the story.

     Discuss how the story "Seventh Grade" fits into this basic plot map.
        (B5 needs to finish the story?)  

      What do we find out in the exposition?
             setting = place and time  (micro and macro)
             other background information

      What is the climax?

      What are the main things that happen (complications) that lead to the climax?

      What happens in the falling action?

      What is the resolution?

     3.  Record spelling words in your composition book on page 3.
Don't be confused by these
Common Confusing Words
                1. its/it’s
                The dog buried its bone.
                It’s alive!

                2. to/too/two
                Let’s go to the library.
               There are too many good books to choose from.
               I always carry two pencils.

            Play Sparkle to practice for the spelling test!
            You will take the test NEXT TIME!

If You Were Absent:
Continue to study the spelling words its/it's and to/too/two. Your job is to know which is which, and to get into the habit of checking your own work for possible errors.  (Test next time.)

To/Two/Too -- Spelling

Its/It's -- Spelling

See the box above for the words and sample sentences to record in your composition book on page 3.

A1 finished the story
talked about how realistic it is,
where is the climax?

If you haven't yet set up your composition book,  
see this post or the handout in the classroom : 

Composition Book Set-Up

Don't forget your spelling words!