Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday, February 7, 2014

Announcements and Reminders: 
Create or revise your January Book Assessment ASAP!
All that are on Edmodo have been graded.
If needed, use the suggestions and comments posted by your teacher to complete the assignment.

Today’s Agenda:
1.  Individual Reading of your own nonfiction books -- for points. 
     Have the book (or today, another nonfiction book) and Read it. 
     Make sure you are signed up for your book by February 11. 

2. Receive the book project assignment -- due by the end of class on February 28. You will create them and hand them in on THAT day.
If you do not complete this assignment on time, you will have to do the assignment TWICE to earn the same points. 
The handout received February 7:  Collecting Information for the Nonfiction Book Project.doc

3. Present RAFTS charts.    Attacking a Prompt -- from MY Access
4. Practice reading passages for a writing test.
  •      What are you looking for?  
    •           Facts  (F)  
    •           Quotes (Q)
    •           Anecdotes  (A)
    •           Specific ideas and points made  (I) 
  •        How can you avoid plagiarizing?  
    • This is a very rough rule, but helpful: 
      • Ask yourself:  "Did I know it before I read this?"  
        • If you didn't, using it without telling where you got it would be plagiarizing. 

If you were absent:  See above.

Deconstruct this prompt: 
Write an essay in which you take a position on whether or not it is okay to sneak food into movie theaters. Use the information presented in the passages provided to support your points. Make sure to include information from all the passages in your essay.

Manage your time carefully so that you can
  • Plan your essay
  • Write your essay
  • Revise and edit your essay

Be sure to
  • Include a claim
  • Address counterclaims
  • Use evidence from multiple sources
  • Do not over rely on one source

B5  started 2nd passage
B6   2nd passage?
B7 did not do 2nd passage
B8  got started on 2nd passage