Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tattle-Tale or Good Citizen?

Tattle-Tale or Good Citizen?
You know who did it.  Do you tell?
Ponyboy Curtis says, “. . . they had accepted me, even though I was younger,

because I was Darry and Soda’s kid brother and I kept my mouth shut good.” (p.9)
  1. During a test a student is looking at the answers on your paper.
  2. During a test a student is sneakily looking at sheet of paper filled with answers.
  3. During quiet reading time, a student is not reading as he or she is supposed to be.
  4. In class, someone takes your pencil
  5. One student is bullying another student.
  6. Someone breaks keys off a keyboard in computer lab.
  7. Someone draws on a desk at school.
  8. Someone draws on the walls in the school halls with a permanent marker.
  9. Someone gets into another student’s backpack and steals an iPod,
  10. Someone gets into another student’s backpack and takes a candy bar.
  11. Someone lit a fire in the school.  The school is evacuated and the fire department puts out the fire without very much damage.
  12. Someone steals a book or magazine from a classroom.
  13. You live in a neighborhood where there is a very dangerous gang.  You witness the gang beating up a person who ends up in a coma.  Your life will most likely be in danger if you tell. 
  14. Someone breaks a pen on purpose and it ends up all over the floor in a school hall. 
(Here is the document we used:  Tattle-Tale or Good Citizen Blog.docx)

Then, next to that, write in answer to this prompt.
Journal Prompt:   Under "Reader Response"
Label with 

"Tattle-Tale or Good Citizen?"   and today's date.

Write 1/2 page or more answering the question found on this post: 

Question:  One of your friends comes to you with a question.  He or she saw another of your friends drawing on the walls in the school halls with a permanent marker.  He or she does not tell you who it was.  This friend wants your advice about whether or not to report it to a principal.