Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Announcements and Reminders:  On Friday we will go to the computer lab to create the brochures for your nonfiction books.  Have your pink sheet filled out so you can just type up your information, add illustrations, print it, and fold it into a brochure. 

If you did not finish your essay about cell phones, see me about taking your essay to finish it. 

Today’s Agenda:
Individual Reading and Prepare for Creating the Brochure on Friday.
Sample:  Brochure Sample 1 for Nonfiction Book.docx

Finish the Slip or Trip assignment:
1) In your small group, write up sentences connecting evidence with warrant.

2) As an individual, write up a police report, informing the chief of police about what you have found and why you do not believe Queenie's story.

  • Do not forget to use transitions between your pieces of evidence.
  • Each piece of evidence will include a warrant -- the reason why it may show that Queenie is not telling the truth. 

Begin reading the nonfiction book How They Croaked.

Authors make choices!

  • The tone/attitude they have toward their subject.
  • The facts they chose. 
  • The conclusions they make based on  those facts.

  • Famous Last Words  B7 did not read Chapter 1 yet. 
  • King Tuthankamun   B6 finished Chapter 1 B8 got to page 4
  • and  (if there is time) Julius Caesar -- No one got to Julius Caesar -- except those Senators! 

If you were absent: 
Open this document and complete the assignment about the case we were investigating earlier:  Slip or Trip Police Report.docx
Here is the original drawing with Queenie's account of what happened:
Slip or Trip.docx

Come during a Cave Time to read the chapters from How They Croaked and complete the assignments that go with them.

                             originally posted February 11, 2014