Thursday, February 20, 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Announcements and Reminders: 

Today’s Agenda:  Be prepared to type your brochure and finish and print it today. 

This is the place!  Open up the template here:
Lab 223: 
 Use this one if the one above will not work on your computer: 

Because of the counselors coming into our classes for registration today, the deadline for turning in this assignment has been extended to March 6.

Your next Book-of-the-Month will be your own choice of genre. 

If you were absent: 
Use one of these templates to create your brochure based on your nonfiction book. 
Lab 223: 
 Use this one if the one above will not work on your computer: 

Here is the grading rubric for the brochure:  Rubric for Nonfiction Brochure.docx
In case you need a copy of the worksheet for collecting information: The handout received February 7: Collecting Information for the Nonfiction Book Project.doc  You do not have to finish the book BEFORE you create your project. Please do finish your book though, and be prepared to report it to me.

In case you do not finish your brochure, you can save your work on Edmodo and open it again to finish it.   Go to
If you have a thumb drive with you, you can save your document on it and not do this.
If you do not have your thumb drive --
Save your document on the desktop, (file, save as, select desktop) adding your name to the front of the file name.  Save.
On Edmodo
Find the assignment titled Nonfiction Book Brochure.
Click on the Turn In Button.
Add a comment (and click on a reaction if asked to) and
Click on the file icon to upload your document.   Find it on the desktop and click on it.
It will open with a red x by it.

To get to it again,
Click on the Turned In button.
Find the document that you turned in.
Click on it to open it.
Finish it.
Print it, tape the pages back to back, tape them together at the sides, fold it, turn it in paper clipped to the grading rubric.
We WILL NOT have any more time in the computer lab during class, so finish this on your own time.

originally posted February 11, 2014