Thursday, August 22, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

1.  Hand in  (to the top wire basket for your class)  your disclosure signatures with the VIP form filled out.   Remember that you are okay to hand it in through the end of the month.
 If you would like to save or print a copy of our disclosure document, go to    7th Eng Disclosure Dorsey 2013-2014.doc 
and click on the "download" tab.
 To learn about the donation form, go to Donations to Our Class

2. Read quietly and individually.  You may read your own book or find a book on the cart at the back of the rom or on the shelves.   (No yearbooks.)

4.  Your Basic-8 Book Assignment is due by Sept. 19.
Read a novel, over 100 pages, at or near your own reading level (or 7th grade or over if yours is higher).  Type up this report: 
         1) Title, Author, Number of Pages
         2)  Setting (place and time) and a list of important characters 
         3)  A brief summary of the book, beginning to end, leaving out spoilers.
          4)  Rate the book and explain why.
          5)   Make a connection to the book. (to self, to world, or to another text) 
typed, handed in on Edmodo
See the assignment sheet and grading sheet for more details. These links may help.

Edmoto Student Sign-Up

Grading for Basic 8 Book #1

                      Books Not Allowed for the Outside Reading Assignment

See the example with your assignment sheet.

1st Book of the Month Assignment for Fall 2013 

You should have your book read by September 19.
We will type up the assignment in class on September 23. 
Here is the assignment: 

( If you brought a composition book, 
make sure your name and period are on the front, and 
put it in the  black crate for your class in the back.)

5. 40 Book Challenge

6. Battle of the Books -- Special Opportunity

7. Pretest -- Coordinate Adjectives