Thursday, August 1, 2013

40 Book Challenge

40 Book Challenge
As 7th grade students, you are invited to participate in our third ever 40 Book Challenge. Impossible, you say? It’s not.   All it takes is consistency, dedication, time, and self-motivation.  Although you may be reading more than you’ve read before, the required books you read for your English, reading, and other classes count, as well as books for the Battle of the Books. 

Here are the rules:
1. Read! Read! Read!
2. Read some more.
3. Read from a variety of genres.  See the list below of genres you must read to complete
            the challenge.
4. Read books that are on or just above your reading level.
(The point is to CHALLENGE yourself.)
5.  Aim for 100 pages per book.
6.  Books that are 400 pages or more can count for two books.
7.  Books you read (completely) in this class or others do count.
8.  Keep track of the books you read on the 40 Book Challenge Chart. 
9.  If you begin a book and don’t want to finish it, “break up” with the book and begin another.
10.  You must finish a book for it to count. 

Required Genres:    
Fantasy (3 books)
Science Fiction (3 books)
Classical Lit (2 books)
Mystery (3 books)
Historical Fiction (3 books)
Poetry (2 books)
Informational (2 books)
Biography/Autobio (2 books)
Traditional Lit (3 books)
Realistic Fiction (3 books)
Your choice (14 books)

Please remember, this is an optional activity. This is not mandatory!
However, nice things come to those who participate!