Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1. Sign-up for your Book of the Month! 

Pick up your composition books, please. 

2. iRead:   Individual reading time: Read quietly and individually.  You could find books on the shelves.
 Have you picked your Book-of-the-Month Club book?  
You must have it read by September 19. 
We will type the assignment in class on September 23.

Edmodo:   You will be able to log in with a class code. 

3. iWrite:

Poem: The Railway Children

4. iRead:  The Outsiders  -- characters and setting   
            (iTunes 13:57)
B5, B6  to Chapter 2, page 27
B7 13:57 -  Chapter 2 --  5:25  p. 22 
B8             Chapter 2  --- 9:10 p. 24 "I knew that smile." 

In your composition book, list and describe major characters as we meet them.
(Theme?) (F&O) (6 word)

And just for fun, you could look at

Will Rogers -- as mentioned in The Outsiders