Friday, August 23, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1.  If you brought your disclosure document back today,  tear off the document and hand in the signature sheet (with the VIP form filled out) to the top wire basket for your class.

2. Individual reading time: Read quietly and individually.  You could find books on the shelves.
 Have you picked your Book-of-the-Month Club book?  
You must have it read by September 19.
We will type the assignment in class on September 23.
     a.  You may spend part of this time perusing the
      Scholastic Book Clubs. -- flyers and parent letters available
             If you wish, take home the flyers and the parent letter.
             If not, put  the flyers on your desk in the black wire basket on the student desk near the door.
Book Orders are due by September 25.  
However, I'll send in an order as soon as I receive orders worth $20 or more. 

     b.   Sign up for your Book-of-the-Month Club book -- a novel in any genre of fiction.
     c.   Folder/Computer numbers

3.  Join the Book Savers Club   -- Sign the "pledge" and hand it in.  

4.  Checking out books from our classroom library
We'll visit the media center on Thursday, but you don't have to wait until then!

5.  Fact and Opinion Test

6.  The Outsiders  -- characters and setting

In your composition book, list and describe major characters as we meet them.