Sunday, February 10, 2013

Friday/Tuesday, February 15/19, 2013

Notice:  There will be no Cave Time Intervention on Tuesday the 19th, since Ms. Dorsey will be leaving with our team for  a Mock Trial Competition that day.
  1. iWriteRight
  2. Mini-Lesson on Creating an Effective Summary
  3. iRead in Book Groups

1. iWriteRight: Label a page in your composition book --  
Compound Sentences, February 15 (or) 19, 2013
Draw a "married couple" and copy this "formula" for a compound sentence: 
IC, + Coordinating Conjunction + IC

  1. Go to The Compound Sentence
  2. Go to Building a Compound Sentence
  3. Go to Imitating a Compound Subject
  4. Go to Combining to Create Compound Sentences

2. Mini-Lesson:  Creating an Effective Summary

Summarizing for Fictional Narrative

3. iRead:  Book Groups
a.  Have one member of your group pick up your books and your group booklet.
b.  Finish summarizing and discussing for last time, if needed. Catch up any members who were absent last time. 
c. Read individually. -- Use sticky notes to take notes or mark places you want to discuss.  
d.  When instructed by the teacher, discuss what you've read,  and work on the booklet as a group.  (Today you will continue to summarize.)
         Fill out your reading log for this book, and record the page where you left off  on your reading log.
If you need more, ask the teacher. 
e.  Have one group member return books neatly to the shelves and turn in the booklet to the wire basket.

If you'd like to, you may bring non-messy treats for your group this time and  next time.