Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wednesday/Thursday, February 20/21, 2013

Critical Reminder: 
IMPORTANT:  To turn in your scary story, have it ready to be graded, and turn in your pink packet with the plot map, rough draft, and grading sheet. 
  • Please write your name and period on your grading sheet. 
  • Don't forget to include in your story heading for each part of the plot:  exposition, rising action, climax, falling action/resolution.   


  • Also, don't forget your three instances of figurative language underlined or highlighted. 

Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Conference will  be held on 
Thursday, February 21 from 3:30 - 7:30. 

             1.   iWriteRight
             2. Mini-Lesson on asking questions
             3. iRead in Book Groups

1.  iWriteRight:  What do you notice? February 20/21, 2013
Review from last time:  IC, + Coordinating Conjunction + IC

Observe: Today we're looking at a different type of sentence.  What do you notice about this sentence? 
"If this were a movie, I'd probably have to kill off my father in the first scene."
-- Paul Acampora, Defining Dulcie (2006)

a. Discuss. What do you notice?


What is the formula?  

2.   Mini-Lesson on asking questions 

                     QAR's Question-Answer Relationships

3. iRead:  Book Groups
a.  Have one member of your group pick up your books and your group booklet.
b.  Finish summarizing and discussing for last time, if needed. Catch up any members who were absent last time. 
c. Read individually. -- Use sticky notes to take notes or mark places you want to discuss.  
d.  When instructed by the teacher, discuss what you've read,  and work on the booklet as a group.  (Today you will continue to summarize, and will write some questions.  

Assignment: As a group, come up with and write down at least three questions about the section you read today -- one each of three of the QAR's.)

Write these in your group booklet:

  • Right after your last summarizing, do this: 
  •     Write three questions, each labeled as to type of QAR.
  •     After that, you can continue your summarizing. 

         Fill out your reading log for this book, and record the page where you left off  on your reading log.

If you need more, ask the teacher. 
e.  Have one group member return books neatly to the shelves and turn in the booklet to the wire basket.

If you'd like to, you may bring non-messy treats for your group next time.