Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thursday/Friday, February 7/8, 2013

Important: To "hand in" your scary story, hand in your pink packet with the plot map, rough draft, and grading sheet.  

1. iRead and Reading Log -- Your choice of materials to read

If you would like one, pick up a book order, and you may study it for part of your reading time. 

A3, A4, B8 -- We may go to the computer lab for about 15 minutes, if needed. 

2. iWriteRight -- Sentence combining -- with Conjunctions!!!

If you were absent, watch
Conjunction Junction

Hookin' up WORD and PHRASES and CLAUSES.

Activities with  Conjunctions
      Writing a story with conjunctions
If you were absent today, write the two stories described on the "Conjunctions" link above. 
      Grammar Punk with Conjunc-tions

Ms. Dorsey's favorite sentence of the day:
"Rachael will eat rabbit as roadkill if it is medium rare and ripped up."

3.  Let's Have an Argument!
Create three columns, labeled Claim, Evidence, Warrant.

Elements of Argument

-- Claim
-- —Evidence: relevant and verifiable facts or exhibits; proof
-- —Warrant: explanation of how the evidence supports the claim; often common sense rules, laws, scientific principles or research, and well-considered definitions.
-- —Backing: support for the warrant (often extended definitions)
-- —Qualifications and Counter-arguments: acknowledgement of differing claims

Create three columns, labeled Claim, Evidence, Warrant.

If you were absent today, listen to #6 Let to Stand On and write under the three columns described above what the claim, evidence, and warrant are in this case.
5 minute mystery
#6 Leg to Stand On
Intermediate Music to 3:35

B8 did "Command Performance"

#5 Diamond Row okay
#19 Broken Wheel