Sunday, February 10, 2013

Friday/Monday, February 22/25, 2013

No composition books needed today.
Pick up the self-starter editing practice: the white sheet by the black crates. 
1.  iWriteRight Self-Starter:  Pick up the handout and complete the Editing Practice with FAN BOYS and AAAWWEUBBIS.

Self-Starter: Editing Practice with Compound and Complex Sentences

If you lost points for misspelling any of our commonly confused words in your short story, correct your errors and complete the make-up assignment for lost points.  Use one of the yellow slips from the folders at the back of the classroom.  You will correctly write five sentences using that word. 

2.  A1  Computer Lab 201 
     A3, A4 Computer Lab 211
     B7, B8 Computer Lab 201

        a.  complete a webquest for information about the topic of your historical fiction book.
                Report your findings using informal citation.
If you are absent, or did not complete the assignment in class, use this handout as a guide to completing this assignment:   Handout for Informal Citations for Historical Information.doc

These are links to help you complete this assignment:
          Read through the information about formal and informal citations below on this post.
(Scroll down to the picture of a man dressed very formally.)  Study the information there, then go to these links and study the information provided:

  • Find the Assignment on Edmodo titled: "Informal Citations for Historical Information"
  • Work with ONE or TWO partners reading the same book.

        b.  with any extra time, revise and edit your short stories.


Formal and Informal Citation
We cite sources to give credit to them. 
We cite sources to avoid plagiarizing.
Our seventh grade core requires you to understand how to use informal citation.

If you didn't know it before you read it, 
you need to cite it!

Formal:  Formal citations will include a bibliography(works cited page)  at the end of the paper, and will require carefully formated page set-up, footnotes, endnotes, etc. See an example of a paper written with formal MLA style:  Notice that this paper uses some signal phrases, too.

Informal:  For an informal citation, you tell where you got the information right in the sentence or sentences where you report the information.  
Seventh graders need to be able to use informal citation.  
You should also have a works cited list at the end of your report, but for today we will just collect URLs for our sources. 
An informal citation has a signal phrase, 
as much information as you can get in about where you got the information, 
and a piece of important and easily understood piece of information about your subject. 

Example:   (signal phrase) According to (information about the source) Jaroslaw Bilocerkowycz, Ph.D in the article he wrote for World Book Online about Lithuania,  (a piece of important and easily understood piece of information about your subject) the Soviet Union took over Lithuania in 1940, it was invaded  by  the Germans in 1941 and the Lithuanians  attempted to establish their own government, but the Germans ruled until Russia regained control in 1944.  

(information about the source)David M. Glanz (signal phrase) reports (information about the source) in his World Book Online article "Gulag" that  (a piece of important and easily understood piece of information about your subject) the  "NKVD was the secret police force of Communist Russia and the Soviet Union from 1934 to 1943."

Reminders for iWriteRight:

Remember the formula for a compound sentence: 
IC, + coordinating conjunction + IC.

See this post for the
Formula(s) for an AAAWWEUBBIS Sentence