Saturday, December 8, 2012

Monday/Tuesday, December 10/11, 2012


  •  If you haven't yet received the assignment for the Book #4 project, pick one up from  the handout file at the back of the room. (blue)
  • Have you handed in your Giver Argument Essay?  --Past due
  • Have you signed up for your next book?  Basic 8, Book 4?  -- Sign-up is due by this Thursday.  Project is due Jan. 7-8. 
  • The movie of The Hobbit comes out THIS WEEK.
  • We have only three or four more classes before Christmas vacation.
  • Charity Basketball games will be on the 18th and 19th.  Save some dollars to bring! 
  • The semester ends January 14. 

iRead -- Quietly read and fill out your reading log.

iWriteRight: Reminder about -ate

Daleks Help with a Seventh Grade Suffix

iWrite -- Holidays-- Prewriting   December 10 or 11 
Create a chart comparing two different holidays.  What do they have in common, and what is different?  Your chart will look something like this.  Give yourself plenty of room.

A. Collect Holidays 
Create a list of all the holidays you can think of.

Veterans' Day
4th of July
New Years
Groundhog Day
Buddy the Elf What's Your Favorite Color Day
Presidents' Day
Memorial Day
Remembrance Day -- Pearl Harbor Day


B. Create your comparison/contrast chart.

Holiday #1 is __________
Unique to Holiday #1

Both #1 and #2 Share
Holiday #2 is _________
Unique to Holiday #2

Holiday #1 is  St. Patrick's Day
Unique to Holiday #1

Both #1 and #2 Share
Holiday #2 is  Valentine's Day
Unique to Holiday #2
wear green or be pinched

There aren't usually treats at school.
People seldom exchange cards or gifts.

Eat Irish food at home

Some cities have parades.

Both are  holidays.
We don't get out of school for either one.
Neither is a banking  (or post office) holiday.
Both provide stores with opportunities to earn money.
We celebrate both at our home. 
you don't have to wear red or pink, but many people do.
Eat chocolate and other candies
There may be treats and parties at school.
People exchange Valentine cards or gifts.

Sometimes those who are dating or married provide a special meal for their loved one

roses and other flowers

The Giver -- The teacher summarized up to chapter 18 
Listen/Read from there on.  

In-Class Reading of The Giver
Dec.   10/11 
A1  A1 to page 143 -- Last paragraph
to page152
to page 142 halfway down
to page 149 halfway down
Track 3, 5:46
to page 
to page break
Track 5,

Dec. 12/13

Extra Credit:  See Ms. Dorsey to pass off any of the poems. 

Find errors in published work. Show Ms. Dorsey or Ms. Bills.
Also: Extra Credit

Extra Credit Poems

Extra Credit: Nothing in Heaven Functions As It Ought