Monday, December 17, 2012

Tuesday/Wednesday, December 18/19, 2012

A1/B1:  Charity Basketball Games

Important Announcements: 
If you have not presented your SSR (Basic 8, Book #3), come after school on this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Take your SSR materials and your character cube, please.  

After we come back from our Christmas vacation, your Book #4 project is due within a few days.  Also we will take the final test on prefixes and suffixes, so make sure you know those.  Use your magical study guide.  

Prefixes and Suffixes Chart 2011   -- This is a file to download.

1. iRead:  Individual Reading and fill out your Reading Log 
             (not first period)
2.  Read The Giver (Hopefully finish.)
3.  iWrite:  Next Chapter   December 19, 2012
After finishing The Giver, in your compostion book write about what happens next. What would be in the next chapter -- Chapter 24)  of The Giver if there were one? 

Special Note:  According to Maika H, the community of The Giver apparently had mnemophobia, the fear of memories!

4. Grammar Lesson: Parts of Speech!

5. (if time) Work on summarizing with The Father Christmas Letters

I am summarizing  Father Christmas Letter 19 -- -- 
by J.R.R. Tolkien.

In-Class Reading of The Giver
Dec.   18/19 

page 155
top of page
track 5


p. 169
track 9
 page 161 top
track 10 page 170

to last paragraph in the book


page 163 before going to basketball game