Monday, December 10, 2012

Wednesday/Thursday, December 12/13, 2012

Wednesday is 12-12-12!!!!!!
  •  If you haven't yet received the assignment for the Book #4 project, pick one up from  the handout file at the back of the room. (blue)
  • Have you handed in your Giver Argument Essay?  --Past due
  • Have you signed up for your next book?  Basic 8, Book 4?  -- Sign-up is due by this Thursday.  Project is due Jan. 7-8. 
  • The movie of The Hobbit comes out THIS WEEK.
  • We have only two or three more classes before Christmas vacation.
  • Charity Basketball games will be on the 18th and 19th during A1 and B1.  Save some dollars to bring! 
  • The semester ends January 14. 

1. iRead:  and fill out  your reading log
Have you signed up for your Basic 8, Book #4? 

(Symbolic Story Representation Presentations)

2. iWrite:  Not in Your Composition Book!    
Write a letter to Santa for a fundraiser

For each letter received, 

Macy's will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish,

 up to $1 million.

Your letters could be "what I want for Christmas letters," or thank you letters to Santa, or other letters appropriate to send to Santa. 
Write as many as you wish.  I wonder which class will write the most?   
    All letters must be legible and show honest effort.
Optional:  Up to ten points of extra credit is available if you write a persuasive letter, convincing Santa that you belong on the "Nice List,"  not on the naughty list.   
                       Only one letter will receive extra credit.
That letter would need to include:
  • A claim
  • Three reasons with details as to why you are indeed NICE!
  • A conclusion.

These letters and other  letters for this fundraiser must be handed in by the end of school on the 19th.  

3. Create a Magical Study Guide: 

Magical Study Guide for Prefixes and Suffixes

4. The Giver  and Symbolic Story Representation Presentations

In-Class Reading of The Giver
Dec.   10/11 
A1   to page 143 -- Last paragraph

to page152
--begin next at track 5
to page 142 halfway down
-begin track 1, 5:33 
to page 149 halfway down
Track 3, 5:46
to page 
to page break
Track 5,

Dec. 12/13page 150, halfway down
Track 4, 0:45
p. 156
begin at middle of page next time.
begin at track 4
begin at track 6 1:28
begin at track 9, 1:03