Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday/Monday, April 26/29, 2019

Announcements and Reminders for Friday/Monday, April 26/29, 2019:
If you have a poor grade or a zero on your short answer packet,  check for whether you have been asked to redo or finish it.  
Handouts for completing missing work are available on Canvas, and most are also attached to their assignments on Skyward.  
If you missed participating in the debate, finish and hand in your make-up assignment as soon as possible.    

State Testing for English Language Arts begins on Thursday of this week. 

Have you been noticing that "Nature's First Green is Gold"? 

Extra Credit: Memorize Poetry  -- You could pick one of these to learn.

Targets for Today:

I can reflect (in writing) on reading The Giver and on what is meaningful in life. 
I can find the main idea of a passage.
I know how to punctuate cumulative and coordinate adjectives.
I can participate in a book group, reading and discussing.

Today’s  Agenda for Friday/Monday, April 26/29, 2019:

1. Write or finish writing your reflection on The Giver and what makes life meaningful.
      Hand it in, please.

  • Students wrote a brief essay on what makes life meaningful -- as a follow-up to reading The Giver. Covered agreement or disagreement with consensus, 
  • supported with evidence from the book, 
  • references to the debate, 
  • included personal beliefs about what makes life meaningful. 
12 all, 10 most, 8 undeveloped, 0 not handed in

(Receive back graded work.)
After you finish your reflection,
pick up a packet that teaches about using commas with pairs or groups of adjectives. 

2.  More Main Idea
          Get out your article about Jackie Robinson.

Main Idea/
Clues for Finding the Topic and Main Idea

Main Idea?    Central Idea?     Overall Idea?

What is the author trying to say?

Find the topic/subject of the paragraph or passage or article.
Check out the title.
Check headings, subheadings
Check illustrations, captions
repeated words

What is the author saying about the topic?

Main Idea
  • It will include
    •     the topic and  
    •     the idea the author wants you to learn about the topic.
  • It will NOT be a question.  It will be a complete statement.
  • It will be broad enough to cover the big idea(s) in the chapter.
  • It will be narrow enough so it's NOT including things that are not in the chapter.
  • It will NOT include your own opinions about the chapter.

Cumulative Adjectives just pile up.
It would sound strange 

to put "and" between them
or to reverse them.
They do not need 

commas between them.
Coordinate Adjectives 
are Equal.
You could use "and" 

between them.
You could reverse them.
Place commas 

between them.

Coordinate Adjectives and The Royal Order of Adjectives

B5 needs handouts, instruction  for great group work. 

Read for Book Groups --
         Set up composition book.
               Tape in  conversation moves.

Book Groups:
Refugee  -- five groups
1.     S, Cala
2.     W, Cameron
3.     S, Joseph
4.     R, Brynli
5.     J, Jared    
6.     L, Brynnly
7.     G, Devin
8.  J, Lillian
9.  J, Anthony
10.  C,  Christian
11.  L, Charlie
12.  J, McKayla

13.  S, Timothy
14.  H, Rachel
15.  B, Jose
16.  T, Soren 
17.  B, Eleanor

18. P, Kaden  
19,  S, Manuel 
20, H, Trenton
21. S, Tanner 

Mississippi Trial – two groups
G, Robyn
R, Madison
L, Ariana
W, Abigail

C, Vanessa
A, Hannah
C, Sophie
B, Nikolas
A, Bryant

A Long Walk to Water – one group
W, Jace
T, Sara
J, Rachael
B, Quintin
M, Loretta

Group -- not slowest or fastest.

Resist getting more than a couple of pages ahead of your group.  Have another book on hand if you are the type of person who gets ahead.

Set up your calendars.
Pencil in pages-- that may change.

You may bring treats for your group.   
Everyone should take a turn. 
Please remember, no homemade treats.

Record your 
Thinking         Questions         Ah-Ha's! 
Bring at least one comment and one question to your group.   

Thought Log writing for 1st meeting: 
1. Who’s here, how are they connected, and what are they like?
 2. What kind of place is this?
 3. What’s the trouble?  

You will turn in a best-question, best-comment,  and. . . . after your discussion.
1.     B. Nevaeh
2.     B. Benjamin
3.     B. Brielle
4.     B. Bryce
5.     P. Alex  *

6.     F. Ava
7.     H. Evan
8.     H. Henry
9.     J. Ellie
10.  W. Kaylee * 

11.  P. Grant
12.  S. Emely
13.  P. Jadelyn *
14.  S. Sullivan
15.  S. Jared

16.  S. Boston
17.  G. Jordan *
18.  D. Benjamin
19.  P. Cason

Mississippi Trial
F. Adam
G. Joseph
J. Lincoln
L. Ryker
S. Steven

W. Hunter
K. Brooklyn *
L. Katie *
M. Ridge*
S. Abram *
A Long Walk to Water
J. Madelyn
M. Nikyla
T. Hannah
W. Madison

You will turn in a best-question, best-comment,  and. . . . after your discussion.
A. Angelina
B. Annie
B. Luke
B. Mikiah
G. David

C. Noelle
B. Bailee
H. Jane
J. Blake

M. Erick
P. Samuel
P. Aidan
S. Trey
S. Logan

T. Nolan
V. Kenadee
W. Emerie
W. Jordan
Y. Tayden*

Mississippi Trial
C. Chandler
C. Chesney
M. Benjamin
W. Evan
J. Emma

B. Aiden*
M. Thomas*

A Long Walk to Water
A. Killian
E. Lex
W. Easton
C. Emma*
S. Rebecca*

B. Allen*
H. Carson*
H. Tayson*

B8  You will write down on your calendar how many pages you read. 
You will turn in a best-question, best-comment,  and. . . . after your discussion.

Ann H.
Cristian A.
Brent W.
Avalon M.

Anna P.  
Elise O.
Charles L.
Isaac N.
Jaxon B. *

Dawson W.
Hunter S.
Ellie C.
Emily D.

Keely W.
Marin B.  
Miranda W.
Zane E.
Dennick King*

Sasha G.
Shelby C.
Victoria L.
Corbin O.
Kelson C.*

Mississippi Trial
Samantha C.
Wyatt O.
Broc B.
Emily Hardy*

A Long Walk to Water
Sean R.
Juan R.
Kira S.
Lily Savage

A2 - 20 minutes, B5 - 10 minutes, B6 - 20 minutes, B8 - 

April  30-May 1
May 8-9
May 10-13
May 14-15
May 16-17
May 20 -21
May 22-23 
May 24
May 28 is yearbook day

If You Were Absent:


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