Monday, April 29, 2019

Tuesday/Wednesday, April 30/ May 1, 2019

Announcements and Reminders for Tuesday/Wednesday, April 30/ May 1, 2019:

     For May 2/3 and 6/7 --
You phone needs a safe home while we are testing. You CANNOT take it into the test.
No cell phones allowed!

If you have a poor grade or a zero on your short answer packet,  check for whether you have been asked to redo or finish it.  
Handouts for completing missing work are available on Canvas, and most are also attached to their assignments on Skyward.  
If you missed participating in the debate, finish and hand in your make-up assignment as soon as possible.    

State Testing for English Language Arts begins on Thursday of this week.  

Have you been noticing that "Nature's First Green is Gold"? 

Extra Credit: Memorize Poetry  -- You could pick one of these to learn.

Targets for Today:

I know how to succeed on testing!

Today’s  Agenda Tuesday/Wednesday, April 30/ May 1, 2019:

Today will be a Potpourri!  (a mixture of things)
We need two volunteers who are good at reading and drama.

Get out your Coordinate Adjective/Commas Packet.  
If/When you are finished with that, pick up the comma rules packet and start working on it. 

1. Check Coordinate Adjectives and Commas -- Finish your packet if you haven't.
We checked it together.

2. Main Idea:  Watch a video to remind you of some tricks to finding a main idea.

3.  Subject-Verb Agreement  (Volunteer Readers)
      with I Yam a Donkey!  

4.  Other Comma Rules   -- Check-it-yourself.   Everyone did the first page.  Some students got further.

5.  Apostrophes!  We practiced with a PowerPoint.  See Canvas

6. Poetry    -- Can you find a metaphor in this poem?

Poetry -- A Lullaby

 About the Test:
You may bring your own headphones.
I encourage bringing a water bottle.
Gum is good.
Bring a book to read in case you finish early.

I will have scrap paper for you to use for notes if you wish.
I will collect all scrap paper at the end of the period.

Keep Calm and Chew Gum
BYOG Next time.

Bring --
  •        Your own headphones, if you wish to  have the questions read to you and do not want to use the school headphones.
  •        A pencil. 
  •     A book to read in case you finish early.
  • Nothing else
  • Provide a safe place for your phone while you are testing.  
  • During the test, the teacher will be able to answer questions about the mechanics of the test, but not about the particular prompt or passages. 

Test-Taking Hints

Test-taking hints:  
  • Carefully read the directions. 
  • Read the passages provided -- use both skim and scan and careful reading.  (Consider the time you have for testing.)  
  • Read the questions, including directions all the answers.  
  • After you have answered all of the questions, review your answers before you end the test.  

If You Were Absent:
If you are absent, you can hear the book we read at


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