Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday/Friday, April 26/27, 2018

Announcements and Reminders Thursday/Friday, April 26/27, 2018:
Don't forget to bring a photo of yourself doing something interesting -- by May 2/3. 
Here I am -- under a Roman Aquaduct -- in Israel. 
Behind me is the Mediterranean Sea 

Do you know those ten word roots from last time?
 If not, study them.  

Have you signed up for your science fiction or fantasy book of the month?  
Have you signed up for your science fiction 
or fantasy book of the month?  

Sign-ups are due today. 
Sign-ups are due today. 

Your book project is due on May 16/17.  You will receive extra credit if you present early. 

See the tab for Required Reading/Book Assessments, April/May for more details. 

Targets for Today:

I can select and read a science fiction or fantasy book, and read it,  preparing to present a symbolic story representation of one of the scenes from my book. 

I understand several different types of figurative language and can use figurative language in my writing.  -- simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, illusion, and alliteration.  

I can summarize and find central idea and theme in narrative and/or, fact-based poems.

Today’s  Agenda Thursday/Friday, April 26/27, 2018:

Individual, quiet reading time 
A1:  Media Center to look for books or to read your science fiction or fantasy book (individual, quiet reading time).   Do not just wander or play. 

Learn about the assignment that goes with bringing a photograph of yourself doing something.  

See the post for last time to continue working with poetry, central idea, and theme.  
We are looking at poems about war.  Poets express different viewpoints about war.  As effective readers, we can determine the poet's viewpoint, and recognize whether or not it is something we agree with.  

A1 --  to "Flanders Fields" 
A2 --  listened to  "Dulce Et Decorum Est"
B5 -- finished "Charge of the Light Brigade" and listened to and briefly discussed "Dulce Et Decorum Est".
B7 --   finished "Charge of the Light Brigade" and listened to  "Dulce Et Decorum Est"-- still need to discuss and compare.  and watch animated version.

If You Were Absent:
 See above.


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