Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday/Tuesday, April 16/17, 2018

Announcements and Reminders for Monday/Tuesday, April 16/17, 2018:
About SAGE Writing   
     April 16-19
     You may be assigned either an argument essay or an informative essay.
      Come rested, well-fed, well-hydrated (drink enough water), and ready to do your best. 
I have gum and mints today.   BYOG Next time.    

Test-Taking Hints

For Today-- Bring your earbuds or other earphones if you would like to use them.
Bring a pencil with you to the lab.
Today we will be in Lab 202. 

Targets for Today:

 I can show what I know about writing an essay. 

Today’s  Agenda for Monday/Tuesday, April 16/17, 2018:

Testing today:  Get a drink and use the bathroom -- should you think you'll need to -- BEFORE class begins.

1.  On a half-sheet of paper, on one side write everything you know about argument writing.
    On the other side write everything you know about informative writing.  
         (qualities, requirements, parts needed, etc.)  

You will recycle this before you go to the computer lab for testing. 

End of Year Writing Test on Argumentative or Informative Writing
In preparation for taking the test, you might want to look again at: Writing Argumentative and Informational Essays.


Do not take a cell phone to the computer lab.
Keep Calm and Chew Gum
BYOG Next time.

DO Take to the computer lab on testing days: 
  •        Your own headphones, if you wish to have the passages read to you and do not want to use the school headphones.
  •        A pencil. 
  • Nothing else
  • Recycle your brain-spill page before you go

     to the computer lab for testing.

  • Come well rested and fed and hydrated. 
  • It will save you time in the long run if you create a graphic organizer before you write. 
    •      Figure out exactly what the prompt is asking.
    •      Outline what you will write. 
Facts about the SAGE test.

  • During the test, the teacher will be able to answer questions about the mechanics of the test, but not about the particular prompt or passages. 
  • You may chose to have the passages read to you, but you do not have to.  
    •  If you pause the sound on a passage, when you un-pause it may start over. 
      • We aren't sure if you can highlight a passage and have it read to you.
    •  If you do, set up the sound before you begin the test.  You may adjust the sound using an icon in the upper right hand corner. 
    • You may bring your own headphones, if you wish

  • When we are in the computer lab for testing, do not unplug the headphones.  Leave them as they are unless you are plugging in your own headphones.  Plug the school headphones back in before you leave. 

    • The program does not save highlighting.
      • To highlight, select the text and do a Control click.
      • We think you might also be able to select text an d control click to have the text read to you. 
    • The program does save your notes and your essay. 
    • You may take notes or set up a graphic organizer on a blank sheet of paper.  If you need your graphic organizer during the next class, at the end of that class, put your name on it, and hand it in to the teacher.
    • There is a scoring guide on the program that shows you how you will be graded.  You may also use spell check and the dictionary/thesaurus.
    • You are expected to take approximately 60-90 minutes for the essay.   Use your time wisely and well. 
    • You will receive your scores for the writing test after we take the reading test in April or May. 

    Take to the computer lab on testing days: 
    •        Your own headphones, if you wish to have the passages read to you and do not want to use the school headphones.
    •        A pencil. 
    •        Nothing else.
    Recycle your brain-spill page before you go

     to the computer lab for testing.

    Beginning the test:

    1.     Log in using sage and SageTesting
    2.     Type in your first name (not a nickname)
    3.     Type in your SSID # -- from the slip you receive
    4.     Type in the test session number -- Ms. Dorsey will write it on the board.
    5.     Provide information to take the 7th grade writing test
    6.       Set up color, sound as needed
    7.       Take the test and do your best. 

    If You Were Absent:

    See above.  You will be contacted to arraange time for you to take your test.  


     Help and Enrichment 

    Two cannibals were eating a clown.  One cannibal looked at the other and said, "Do you taste something funny?"
    Thanks to Sydni G. 

    A duck walked into a pharmacy to buy some Chapstick.
    The clerk asked, "Will that be cash or credit?"
    The duck replied, "You can just put it on my bill." 
    Thanks to Sydni G.

    Where do you find a no-legged dog?

    Answer: right where you left him.
    Thanks to Sydni G.

    Why did the chicken cross the playground?

    answer: to get to the other slide!

    Thanks to Aspen M. 

    What time should you go to the dentist?

    answer:  tooth-hurty!
    Thanks to Aspen M. 

    What did zero say to eight?

    answer: Nice belt!
    Thanks to Kennedy H.

    Where do library books like to sleep?

    answer:  under their covers!
    Thanks to Kennedy H.

    Question: What happens when a cow doesn't shave?

    Answer:  It grows a moos-stache
    Thanks to Ben J. 

    There's a guy in a house with no openings -- just a table and a saw.  How does he get out?

    He cuts the table in half, puts it back together, and jumps through the "whole." 

    Thanks to Jett L. 


    Question:  Why was six afraid of seven?

    answer: because seven eight nine
    Thanks to Jens P. 

    Question: What is a tree's favorite drink?

    answer:  "root" beer 

    Question:  There's a one story house.  Everything is green: the floor, the walls, the kitchen -- everything!  What color are the stairs?

    answer:  In a one story house there are no stairs!

    The answer is coming. . . . .

    The answer is here:

    8 pirates!