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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Announcements and Reminders for Thursday, April 12, 2018:

About SAGE Writing   
     April 16-19
     You may be assigned either an argument essay or an informative essay.
      Come rested, well-fed, well-hydrated (drink enough water), and ready to do your best. 

April/May Book Assignment 
Fantasy or Science Fiction 
(Including Dystopian Fiction)

Targets for Today:

I can write an essay.

Today’s  Agenda for Thursday, April 12, 2018:

April 9 - B-Day

Today we will go to lab 224 to write a practice informative essay --
so you can get the feel of writing for the test, 
                  remember what it takes to succeed in your writing, 
                  practice proper testing behavior, and
                  get used to writing on the SAGE platform.  

Write:  For 10 minutes straight, write about how you feel about the test. 

Practice recognizing which type of essay you are writing. 

Lab 224 -- Write a practice essay for SAGE.   Apportion your time to get as much done as you can in the allotted time. 

About SAGE Writing   
     April 16-19
     You may be assigned either an argument essay or an informative essay.
      Come rested, well-fed, well-hydrated (drink enough water), and ready to do your best. 

Review for Writing --
Use RAFTS to figure out what the prompt is asking you to do.
Strong Key Words

Use RAFTS on these prompts:

1.  Of the water on Earth's surface, only about 3% is fresh water. We use it for drinking and personal hygiene, for watering crops, and for producing energy.  All living things depend on water for survival.  In what ways is water important to you?  How does this impact how you use and conserve water?
In a well-developed essay, discuss your use and conservation of water due to its importance to you. Include facts and examples to support your discussion.

2. Is Napping Beneficial?
How much sleep do we need?  Do we need different amounts of sleep depending on our age?  Is it possible to sleep too much or too little?  Can we make up for too little sleep by napping?  People of all ages suffer from sleep deprivation sooner or later, so answers to the questions about the amount of sleep necessary to stay healthy are important to us all.  Naps are sometimes suggested for making up for lost sleep, but there are opposing views on the value of naps.  
Read the referenced sources about the value of naps and establish a position on whether napping is beneficial for people. Write a multi-paragraph essay using facts and details from your sources to support your position and to address the opposing point of view.

3. What are the most important characteristics for a president to have?  The U.S. Constitution states that the President of the United States must be at least 35 years old and have been born in the United States.  
But there are obviously other requirements that a president must meet. In a detailed essay, describe the qualities that are needed in a president of the United States that can make him or her successful.

4. Are We Protecting our Freshwater Ecosystem?
We have attempted to protect our freshwater ecosystems with governmental policies. How effective have these policies been?
In a multi-paragraph essay, discuss the governmental policies designed to protect a freshwater ecosystem and their effect on the current condition of the ecosystem. Use facts and details to support your discussion.

5. A Four-Day School Week
Recently, a school district in Pennsylvania became the first in the state to change the traditional school schedule from a five-day week to a four-day week.  This change is intended to save the school district money, but it may cost parents and students money and opportunities in the long run.  All of the students in your class have heard this news.  Some are thrilled; however, some believe that this change will have a negative impact on learning and extracurricular activities.
In a well-developed, multi-paragraph essay, state your position on this issue and then persuade your fellow classmates to join you in a call to action to either shorten your school week to four days, or to keep the five-day school week.  You must provide compelling reasons for your argument, and address and rebut the counterarguments.  Be sure to include facts, statistics, or any other relevant information to strengthen your view on this issue.

6.  Direct vs. Indirect Democracy
Imagine you are part of the Greek Assembly. A citizen has argued that the country move from direct to indirect democracy. Do you support him/her?  
In a multi-paragraph essay, present your position as a member of the Greek Assembly on the issue of moving from direct to indirect democracy. Be sure to support your position with facts and details.

Parts of an informational essay
Parts of an argument essay

Remember to IntroduceGive, Cite. Explain. 

An article titled “The Never Ending DST Debate” reports that there was a “7% decrease in robberies following the spring shift to DST”  (Time and   Apparently more daylight discourages robbers. Therefore we can see that Daylight Saving Time has the advantage of increasing safety in a community. 

Essays and SAGE Practice Test  -- Lab 224

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