Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday/Wednesday September 6/7, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
We will have an evacuation practice during Cavetime on September 6.
Regular Cavetime begins September 7!   Cavetime Information
 School pictures will be taken on September 8/9 during your math class.    

Today is the last day to sign up for your August/September Book of the Month.
See the tab above for Required Reading/Book Assessments for more information about this assignment. 

If you're missing any assignments, like the VIP sheet or disclosure document, or Quiz of the Week #1, come and turn those in!! You will still receive credit for doing them.

Targets for Today:

This picture is a  metaphor -- or a simile,
depending on how you
say it! 
I can demonstrate what I know about writing conventions, finding central idea, and argument writing vocabulary.

Why so many pretests?   We need to know more about what you know.  We can  do a better job teaching you if we know where you are in your learning.

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Grab your composition book from the crate and open up to CSI. Copy down this sentence and use your detective skills to find and correct any mistakes that you see!

"Over labor day weekend i went too my neighbors cabin and played with there little puppy Scotty. I hope I get to go they're again soon!"

If you finish early, come sign up for your Book of the Month at the front, then start studying your new spelling words! 

2. Turn in your Quiz of the Week #2.  

3. Take the Central Idea pre-test. When you finish it, come up to the front and grab the Argument Vocabulary pre-test and your bubble sheet. When you finish that one, bring it back to the front and grab the Conventions pre-test and your bubble sheet. 

4. Whew! All finished with pre-tests! We'll listen to the rest of Chapter 1 of The Outsiders, then fill in our character pages. 

Two-Bit reminded Ponyboy of Will Rogers
-- mostly because of his grin

If You Were Absent:

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, please come talk to us about a time that you could take the Argument Vocab pre-test, the Conventions pre-test, and the Central Idea pre-test.

Find a time before or after school or during Cavetime when you can read/listen to Chapter 1 of The Outsiders.

Look over the information about Cavetime if you missed Tuesday, September 7.   Cavetime Information