Monday, September 19, 2016

Tuesday/Wednesday, September 20/21, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
Today is the deadline to sign up for the October Book of the Month! Remember that it needs to be realistic fiction, at least 100 pages long, and a seventh grade difficulty level.
Here is a description and some examples of Realistic Fiction novels at a 7th grade level.

Your Quiz of the Week is due next time! Keep working on that!

We will be turning in a Scholastic Book Order this Friday.  Hurry up to order online or bring a check if you'd like to be included in this order and get your books sooner.  
Of course you could also order by September 30.  

You can earn some extra credit for this class by entering, and especially by winning, the Literature portion of the PTSA Reflections Contest
Theme:  What is Your Story?
Literature Rules:
for more information:
For extra credit, please provide us with a copy of the piece of literature that you write for this.

Grab your composition book, your green sheet with 3 argument columns, and a copy of The Outsiders.

Targets for Today:

I can find the main parts of an argument essay in a mentor text.

I can collect evidence from The Outsiders for a future argument essay.

Today’s  Agenda:

If you come in early, you can sign up for your Book of the Month now! Check the sign-up at the front of the room. We'll also pass this around during silent reading time.

Silent Reading Time.

The Outsiders! Finish Chapter 3 and begin Chapter 4.

After we've listened to it, turn to your partner and share something that surprised/confused you, or a part that stood out to you.

Argument Writing. Before we start writing our own essays, we'll look at mentor texts. These are real essays, which means they'll all be different, interesting, strong, and weak in different ways. Take a look at the essay we've given you today, the one by Nicholas Carr.

Can you find the main argument parts in this essay? Highlight and label them!

Once you've picked out those parts, compare with your partner. You might not have the same opinion, so be ready to explain why you think that sentence is the thesis, explanation, etc.

Together as a class, we'll fit this essay into an Argument Essay Organizer that we'll use later on for our own essays.

Vocablulary for Today:

Unreliable Narrator
Mentor Text

Parts of an Argument:
Background Information

If You Were Absent:

Catch up on The Outsiders reading during Cavetime or before or after school. Pick up a copy of the Nicholas Carr essay, highlight and label it. Grab a graphic organizer from the English 7 handouts folder and fill it in using the Nicholas Carr essay.