Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Thursday/Friday, September 22/23, 2016

September 22 is Bilbo's and Frodo's Birthday!

Announcements and Reminders:
Quiz of the Week #4 is due TODAY! Turn that in now! 
Last time was the official sign up for the October Book of the Month. If you haven't signed up for your book yet, do that now!
Here is a description and some examples of Realistic Fiction novels at a 7th grade level.
Your Book of the Month assessment will be written on October 12/13. 
-- realistic fiction ---  writing about how and why a character changed ---- Who? How? Why?

We will be turning in a Scholastic Book Order this Friday.  Hurry up to order online or bring a check if you'd like to be included in this order and get your books sooner.  

Of course you could also order by September 30.  

You can earn some extra credit for this class by entering, and especially by winning, the Literature portion of the PTSA Reflections Contest

Theme:  What is Your Story?
for more information:
For extra credit, please provide us with a copy of the piece of literature that you write for this.

Grab your composition book, your green sheet with 3 argument columns, and a copy of The Outsiders.

Targets for Today:

I can demonstrate my spelling expertise with the words "allot/ a lot / NOT alot" and "cause/ because".

I can collect evidence from The Outsiders for a future argument essay.

I can organize an argument essay.

Today’s  Agenda:

Turn in Quiz of the Week #4!!

Put all your things under your desk. We'll take Spelling Test #3. Remember that talking with earn you an automatic zero.

Well, no bus!
Now for a quick fieldtrip: Lab 224

  • Remember the essays we wrote about the lightbulb, the wheel, and same gender schools? We're going to copy them over to MyAccess, a website that stores and scores essays. When you get onto your computer, start by pulling up your school Gmail and open up to those two essays. 
  • Watch me demonstrate how to log in to MyAccess and where to copy the essays. Start at the AFJH website.
  • Your username is the same one you use to log on to the computers (Ex: BERNSANN000)
  • Your password is your Student Number.  

Next time: 
Ready for some fun? We're going to do Argument Jigsaw Puzzles. (Sorry, not real puzzles...) These are the things you'll need:

  • one pencil/pen per person
  • one orange instruction sheet per person
  • two long pieces of tape per group
  • two blank pieces of white paper per group
  • one blue paperclipped group of Argument Essay puzzle pieces per group
When you get into your groups, follow the instructions on the orange sheet. 

Once your Argument Jigsaw is complete, staple it to the instruction sheet for each group member with the instruction sheets in the front. Turn it in to the top wire basket. 

Now pull out The Outsiders! Open to your character pages (you should be filling in details in the Says This and Does This sections) in your composition book and pull out your green theme sheet. We'll start on page 57. 

When we pause, be ready to write down two facts/details from the book on your green page.

Finish Chapter 4.

Music for The Outsiders:
Hank Williams (Ponyboy doesn't like his music.)

The Beatles:  (1964)

Elvis Presley:

If You Were Absent:

Come in to make up Spelling Test #3. Turn in Quiz of the Week #4, the pink one. Come in during Cavetime to copy over your essays to MyAccess. Talk to us about how to make up the Argument Jigsaw