Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Reading Suggestions -- 2015

In May I read  Will Hobbs'  Never Say Die.   A fifteen year old Inuit boy has just had a successful solo hunting trip when his kill is taken from him by a bear-- a very unusual bear -- apparently half grizzly and half polar bear.   Now he has an opportunity to go on a weeks-long river trip with a half brother he's never met.  Out in the wilderness where that bear and other dangers wait, will Nick survive?   This should make a great summer read -- but not while you're out camping!

Another review of the book by me: 
Teenage Nick, who lives in Canada's Arctic, faces  a huge and very fierce half-grizzly-half-polar-bear (called a grolar bear), dangerous river rapids, being lost and alone without survival gear in a remote wilderness,  running with huge caribou herds hunted by bears and wolves, and more encounters with the deadly grolar bear. 

And in the news: May 2016

July:  I just read Robin McKinley's Beauty.  It is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story -- very well done.

Remember that Overdrive is available through either our school library or the public library.

Battle of the Books -- 2015-2016

You could get a start by reading some of the Battle of the Books selections over the summer.

Recmmendations for more books:

Summer Reading Lists

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