Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Literary Elements in "Amigo Brothers": More Elements

Point of View:  Third Person  -- omniscient
 The narrator can see what everyone is doing and knows what is going on inside the characters' heads.

Tone:  upbeat, enthusiastic

Connotation:  Amigo/Friend = a person whom one knows, usually with mutual regard, 
                                       and perhaps mutual help.
                          Brother = a man or boy in relation to other sons and daughters of his parents.

     In this story the bond is deeper.  These guys have a very close relationship and  really care about each other.

Allusion: "Bedlam broke loose. . . "   Bedlam was a hospital for the insane in London beginning in about 1400 AD.

Dialogue:  The two boys talk back and forth in the story.

“Man. I don’t know how to come out with it.”
 Antonio helped. “It’s about our fight, right?”
“Yeah, right.” Felix’s eyes squinted at the rising orange sun.
“I’ve been thinking about it too, panin. In fact, since we found out it was going to be me and you, I’ve been awake at night, pulling punches on you, trying not to hurt you.”

Great examples of
Conflict:  Internal and External