Friday, July 17, 2015

Tritina Example


Early Evening Tritina
Stanza 1
The sun was low in the sky. We were going to watch for deer. (1)
It would be dark soon. (2)
We had only a little time, but I was with you. (3)

Stanza 2 
I climbed the ladder of your tree stand and glanced down at the pond. You (3)
followed and said, "We might not see a deer." (1)
I nodded.  "But if we're going to, it will be soon. (2)

Stanza 3
Your words were magic.  Soon  (2)
was an understatement.  I gazed down at the clover-covered field.  So did you. (3)
As if on due, out of the woods stepped two majestic deer. (1)

They ate and left, too soon. (2)  That evening, you (3) gave me a miracle in the shape of

      the deer. (1)