Friday, April 10, 2015

Monday/Tuesday, April 13/14, 2015

Announcements and Reminders:
-- State Core Testing will be next week -- April 21/22, 23/24.  Come prepared to do your best!

-- April/May Book Assignment:  You may use a novel you have been reading during the last month, or another you will read during the next few weeks. 
 Your choice of a fictional genre: 
realistic, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, horror, 
historical, multicultural, classic, adventure, romance, humor, horror
 (Did I leave any out?)
Here is the list of 

 Books Not Allowed for the Outside Reading Assignment

Sign up by April 17, 2015  -- Due May by 8, 2015
Watch for the Assignment Handout next time.
Watch for setting, protagonist, point of view, antagonist, conflict, complications, theme,
 and other literary elements.

-- If you need to retake your word part test, plan to take it on April 29 or 30 in CaveTime.  
See me if you were not here to take the first time.

-- If you have not finished the District Writing test, do it THIS WEEK!

Today's Agenda:

1. Individual Reading

2. Commas!  -- Complete page 1 of the packet and correct it.

Remember the PowerPoint you watched (slide 23+) and the podcast we listened to about Serial Commas.
We also learned two rules to use when checking whether a comma should be placed between two or more adjectives that come before a noun.

Serial Comma

3.  Finish up your ART WARS for "The Base Stealer."
If you missed today, find the poem and videos for the poem at

4.  The Testing Game!   You will take the state core test next week!
If you missed today, to try out the practice test,  go to

Select Seventh Grade and the
Reading, Language, Listening Test for 6-8 Grades.

If you need more help logging in, see

Tuesday/Wednesday, April 21/22, 2015

A1 up to "frequent".
B5 "down" up to #4 on worksheet
B6  Jim Bridger through Order of Events
B7  Did Pluto, down down to China (Didn't do China)

Teacher's Notes: Last time 
A1 -- working on analyzing "The Base Stealer" at the end of class -- still need to hear and discuss it. They did watch the video of a real base stealer.
B5 --  Did not hear   "The Base Stealer"  Handed in ART WARS
B6 --  Need to finish Base Stealer
B7 --  Need to finish Base Stealer  listened and watched