Thursday, April 30, 2015

Friday/Monday, May 1/4, 2015

Announcements and Reminders:

If you have not finished SAGE testing, you will be called out of class when spaces are available.

The last day for retakes for the word parts test was last Friday during Cavetime.

A few items about the last week of school: 

Students need to have all Media items, (ie. books, iPods, overdue fines, etc) turned in by Monday, May 15th.  Media fines need to be paid to the Library.  All Media fines will round up to the dollar once they are turned in to the Financial Office on May 20th.   After the 20th, the clearance slips need to be obtained from the Media Center.  The clearance slips are then turned into the Financial Office to be removed from the student’s record.
[Also return any classroom books you may have by May 15.]

We will do a locker clean out during Cavetime on Wednesday May 27th.  We will have cleaning supplies available for those who need them.  

 On Thursday, May 28th, all students will receive their yearbooks during their A1 period.(Students should attend all periods and should NOT be allowed out of their classrooms and should NOT be in the halls during class time. They should NOT be in a different classroom during class time.  Write your name in your yearbook when you receive it.
All fines will need to be cleared before students receive their yearbooks.

LAST DAY Friday - 5/29
The outside doors will be locked and all students will enter from the west doors at 8:15am.  Students report to the theater. Students will stay in the auditorium until 10:00 am, at which time they will be dismissed from school.  

May 4: Composition Book Check
War and Water, Water, Vocabulary (5 words), Success, 2 Column I Notice I Think/Wonder -- If you have not done any of these, write them on a separate sheet of paper, hand them in to be graded, then when you receive them back, tape them into your composition book where they belong.

Today's Activities:

1. Work on your Book of the Month Assignment which is due May 8. (The quality draft is due then.)
Finish reading your book if needed.
Create the rough draft of your cube and check it off with Ms. Dorsey.
Receive the cardstock cube and create your quality copy.

Examples of Themes in A Long Walk to Water
  • We need to persevere.
  • Never lose hope.
  • Always continue to work towards your goals and attain them.
  • Often we can reach a large goal by addressing one small goal at a time. 
  •  Individuals can survive in challenging environments.
  • In the end, the family bond survives despite  problems.
  • A tragedy or a tough situation can be turned into a triumph. 
  • Sacrifices and hard work pay off in the end.
  • Hardship brings understanding of the hardships of others.
  • People need to help each other. 

QuickWrite     (Under Notes and QuickWrites)

Label this entry "Success"  and add today's day.
Answer all of the questions in this column: 

  1. What does the word "success" mean generally?
  2. What makes an adult "successful"?
    •  In A Long Walk to Water, what makes Salva's father successful?  page 2
    • In our community, what makes an adult successful?
  3. What makes someone your age successful?

  To define a word,  you could use any or all of these:

  •      synonyms
  •      antonyms 
  •      examples
  •      its part of speech
  •      a sentence that includes the word
  •     the category it belongs in 
  •     its word parts or history 


Add these highlighted words to the vocabulary section in your composition book: (page 25)

You should already have these words and their definitions:

drone on = to speak in a monotonous tone.

bush = undeveloped, wild area

Read from A Long Walk to Water 

What is the difference between reading for the gist and doing a Close Reading

Where Each Class Is 
A1 Close Reading
B5 Begin close reading
B6 Begin close reading
B7 Finish reading for the gist.

Chapter 1

What is the gist of this chapter?

On a page in your composition book, divide it into two columns labeled "I Notice" and "I Wonder."
Write in those columns the things your teacher asks you to write, and other items that you notice and wonder.

   I Notice
  I Wonder

Under "I Notice" write notes that answer these questions  --

What do we know so far about Nya?

What do we know so far about Salva? 

What  does it mean to ‘effectively participate in a discussion'?  


A1 -- not yet
to ‘effectively participate in a discussion'

B5 -- Not yet
to ‘effectively participate in a discussion'

to ‘effectively participate in a discussion'

to ‘effectively participate in a discussion'

Chapter 2

What do we call this type of figurative language?

 "Overhead, a jet veered away like a sleek, evil bird."  page 8  

A1 check!


Alex Boye' posted this on his Facebook page yesterday -- April 30. 

I wrote this song on the flight home from Kenya last year, after witnessing a community of women who walk for miles with yellow buckets on they're heads to draw water from a poisonous and disease ridden lake so that their children would not die of thirst. I was encouraged when I met with Dean Curtis, the owner of a Non-profit organization called "Interweave solutions" who are actively working to help improve the lives of impoverished families, helping them to become self-sufficient.
Im so excited to announce I have accepted Deans invitation to be on the board of directors. If you would like to know more about this awesome organization,
Go to:  [You can see Alex's video there.]