Monday, May 4, 2015

Tuesday/Wednesday, May 5/6, 2015

Cinco de Mayo this year is extra cool because it is 5-5-15!

To avoid fines [and drooled-on shoes], return any classroom books you may have by May 15.]

May 4: Composition Book Check -- If yours has not been checked, it will be soon.
War and Water, Water, Vocabulary (5 words), Success, 2 Column I Notice I Think/Wonder
If your book has been graded, and you have not done any of these, write them on a separate sheet of paper, hand them in to be graded, then when you receive them back, tape them into your composition book where they belong.

Do you know who Nellie Bly is? She is the subject of the May 5 Google Doodle:
Extra credit if you can tell me a few things about her.

Today's Activities:
Pick up your composition books. 
Send a few students to Lab 211 to finish SAGE Testing.

1. Work on your Book of the Month Assignment which is due Friday. The final, quality draft is due on Friday, but you must have me check off your rough draft first!
Finish reading your book if needed.
Create the rough draft of your cube and check it off with Ms. Dorsey.
Receive the cardstock cube and create your quality copy.

Examples of Themes in A Long Walk to Water
  • We need to persevere.
  • Never lose hope.
  • Always continue to work towards your goals and attain them.
  • Often we can reach a large goal by addressing one small goal at a time. 
  •  Individuals can survive in challenging environments.
  • In the end, the family bond survives despite  problems.
  • A tragedy or a tough situation can be turned into a triumph. 
  • Sacrifices and hard work pay off in the end.
  • Hardship brings understanding of the hardships of others.
  • People need to help each other. 

Poetry and commas! 

Today: Poetry quiz -- a chance for a few points of extra credit

QuickWrite     (Under Notes and QuickWrites)

Label:  "Alone"   with today's date
Have you ever been left alone, perhaps separated from your family?  
Tell about a time you were left on your own, had to find your own way, had to take care of a responsibility alone, or perhaps just felt alone. 
Write about a half page, single spaced.


sorghum: a widely cultivated cereal grass somewhat similar to corn.

terrain: a stretch of land, especially with regard to its physical features.

"they were delayed by rough terrain"

Read: A Long Walk to Water

Add to your "I Notice, I Wonder, I Think" chart.

What is the author telling us?
How is she telling us through text structure?  through the words and phrases she chooses?

Chapter 2

What do we call this type of figurative language?

 "Overhead, a jet veered away like a sleek, evil bird."  page 8

A barn in Sudan might look like this. 

Building a Barn 

gourd, hollowed out for use

Women in Sudan, carrying water