Thursday, May 14, 2015

Friday/Monday, May 15/18, 2015

Pick your own seat.  If you do not have your book cube ready today,  sit in a forward facing seat.

1. Individual Reading

Samples for Illustrations for the Cubes

Reminder: The text on your cube needs to be in ink.
You could write first in pencil, then go over it in ink.

DO NOT assemble it before you hand in the quality draft to be checked.
You may assemble your checked quality drafts today. 

2. Assemble and share your book cubes.
  • Cut
  • Fold
  • Glue or tape
  • Share
We will do a cube pass.  Listen for directions.
Record any that you might be interested in reading.

In your composition book -- under Books I'd Like to Read -- pages 8-9
Book Cube Share – Books I’d  Like to Read
A little about it
Recommended by

Today's Learning Targets:

  • I read a wide variety of texts.
  • I can recognize and explain several elements of literature.
  • I can effectively share information and listen as others share.

If we have extra time: 

4. Reading from A Long Walk to Water

Images for A Long Walk to Water

A1 from page 42 to page 51 to page 54 at page break. (Need to find and write evidence.)  -- Not A1 on May 15.

B5 from page 39 to page 57

B6 from page 40 at page break to top of page 48

B7 from page 40 at page break to page 48, paragraph 2.