Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Taking the RI Test

Taking the RI –  Reading Inventory
 Instructions and FAQ

Getting in:
 Log onto a computer and wait. 

Perhaps the computer lab aide will set up the RI for you to use.
If not, see the poster on the wall.
The username is your student number. The password is the student number followed by the @ symbol, followed by capitol A lower case fjh.
Username: Student #
Password: Student#@Afjh  (Notice the upper and lower case.)

Book Categories: Select three book categories at the beginning of the test.  Click on three categories you like.  If you want to change, click to unselect one, then select a different one.

Practice Test: Take even the practice test seriously.  It is part of the test.

Skip: Yes, a skip does take off just a few points, but if you have absolutely no idea what
the answer is, it is better to skip than to make an uneducated guess.

“How Long is this test”: Different students are given different numbers of questions, so I can’t tell you how long the test will take for you.  The usual time is around twenty to thirty minutes.  If you get so tired of taking the test that you stop taking it seriously, exit and finish later, perhaps during Cave Time. 

How does the RI work? The RI gives a student a passage. If the student correctly answers a multiple-choice question, it moves to a higher-level passage. If the student misses, it moves lower.
It’s like on “The Price is Right” when a contestant is trying to guess a price, and is told “Higher,” “Lower.” “Higher,” etc. It keeps going until the student is matched with a reading level at which he or she is understanding 75% of the time.

Can I take this from home? This is not available generally on the Internet (as is MyAccess), but must be taken on one of the computers at our school that has the needed software installed.  Expect to take the test again toward the end of the school year.
Your English or reading teacher may ask you to take it again before then to more accurately determine your reading level, or to check for changes midyear. 

If you need to exit the test before you are done: A student can exit an unfinished
test, and it will be saved for later if you  press the escape key then follow directions on screen (click yes and yes).  When you resume the test the program will tell you that you are resuming a previously saved test and can continue from where you left off.

Preview or Print at the end of the test: Yes.  Look at the preview and then you may print if you’d like to take the list of books (and your lexile level/score) with you.  You do not need to print for the teacher. 

Lexile Band
Lexile Band*
 K–1 N/AN/A
 2–3 450L–725L420L–820L
 4–5 645L–845L740L–1010L
11–CCR 1070L–1220L1185L–1385L

To learn more, and to find books that match your reading level, go to lexile.com.