Monday, September 8, 2014

Thursday/Friday, September 11/12, 2014
Brief Reading Time: Have your books out ready to read when the bell rings.

1.  Take the Spelling test -- Mastery Connect -- 4 sets of commonly confused words.

2.  Take the Post Test on Text Structure -- Mastery Connect -- You may NOT use your notes.

Bow ties are cool -- and so are you!

Take your reading book to the computer lab so you can read if you finish early.

3.  Computer lab: Sign up for Edmodo and take a quiz or two on Edmodo.
     Lab 223

Snap-Shot (quiz)

Here are the instructions (though the quizzes and polls ended up out of order on them).
Instructions for English 7 Edmodo.docx

Here is the parent letter -- the same one I sent everyone though Skyward email:

Read the note from Ms. Dorsey.  Save the cartoons for a break later.

Take the Snapshot (test), then take the spelling pretest.  These are all pretests. 

Take the poll, then you can either read or create your avatar (see the upper left hand corner) and read from the Help section about other things you can do with Edmodo. 

If you are absent today, contact me for the group code for your class.