Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tuesday/Wednesday, September 9/10, 2014

Don't forget the 40 Book Challenge.  

We're busy rounding up some small 

but cool prizes for those who read 10 

books in the first term.  If you are 

reading for this, see me to check off 


Receive handouts about the PTSA Reflections Contest. 
Literature entries will earn extra credit.  Hand a copy to Ms. Dorsey.
If you win a prize on your literature entry, let me know, and I'll add to your extra credit.

Don't forget to take or finish your District Writing Test by this Wednesday (Sept. 10) afternoon. Take it during Cave Time or after school. The test must be done under supervision of a teacher or of Ms. John in lab 223. 

1. iRead -- Individual Reading Time (15-20 minutes)  
You should be reading your book for the Book-of the-Month (how a character changes) project.

Your projects are due NEXT week!

2.  iSpellRight --

Add to your composition book under "Spelling."  page 15

Learn these four sets.  We'll  have a test next time.

4.     to/too/two

Let’s go to the library.

There are too many good books to 
      choose from.

I always carry two pencils.

Need some more help with to/too/two?  Study this:  toototwo.doc

When you receive back papers, if I have pointed out to you something you need to watch for, such as a spelling error or punctuation or capitalization problems or legibility problems, copy them into your composition book, starting on page 39.

3.  iWriteRight --  Today you do not have to write down your 

CSI  American Fork

Now Investigating:  Conventions in Sentences Investigation

Your sentence:

6. "An overcast evening skulked outside the 


-- p. 29  Midnight in Austenland by Shannon 

Notice everything you can about the above sentence.  
It is a correct sentence (I hope), so you are not looking for errors (I hope). 

A1: Friday Drawing!


4. Finish Up Text Structure

Today's Target: 
I can identify and write seven different kinds of text structures -- without using my notes -- especially the ones highlighted here. 
  • description/definition
  • sequence
  • chronological
  • cause and effect
  • compare/contrast
  • problem and solution
  • classification
--State Standards Writing 2a, Reading Informational Text 5

Review for test next time

Text Structure: Which one is this?  You may use your notes on this exercise. 

Identify one more structure, then go on to C.  You may use your notes on this exercise. 
 Beach Ball Text Structure

c. Watch the hacky-sack video, then write a compare and contrast paragraph, comparing and contrasting a beach ball with a hacky-sac.
Use signal words.  You may use your notes on this exercise. 

Hacky-Sack Champion
Text Structure in Picture Books
Teacher shares examples, then 
Students do a book pass -- without using your notes -- 
identify which text structure is used the most in each of the books.
With a timer!

Teacher notes:
Pizza, anyone?