Friday, September 23, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make up for the September Book-of-the-Month Club is available on Thursday, September 29.  Come to Ms. Dorsey's room for Cave Time.  Bring your book and notes.    Because this is a test, you may not do it at home.

When you come to do it, you will go to Friday, September 23, 2011 on this blog.

Self-Starter:  Pick up your composition books.  Pick up the tape-in from the back table. Follow the directions on the tape-in.  Complete this editing exercise based on a sentence from the novel Jack's Run*How'd They Do It - Capitalization, Etc.doc

How'd They Do It Caps Spanish.doc  (This may not be a very correct translation, but should give some idea of what our assignment is saying.)

Extra Credit Opportunity: (available all year)
Find errors (capitalization, punctuation, spelling, etc.) in published material (books, magazines, newspapers, copyrighted Internet text) and show me the errors.

2.  Reading The Outsiders (and listening to the audio book) --
A1 from page 57  --(disk 45, track 1, 19:16) to page 80 (page 45, track 2, 30:48)
A2 from age  49 (disk 45, track 1, 7:19) to page 75 (page 45, track 2, 22:21)
A3  from page 51  (disk 45, track 1, 10:14) to page 75  (page 45, track 2, 22:24)
A4 from  page 58   (disk 45, track 1, 21:15) to page 82  (page 45, track 2, 34:34)

List episodes/events in your composition book.  

Extra Credit Poem Memorization


We did play a bit of Sparkle today to practice commonly confused and other often-missed spelling words. 

*Here is a description of the novel Jack's Run by Roland Smith

From Booklist  -- Gr. 5-8. In Zack's Lie (2001), after Jack's dad's arrest for drug trafficking, the family entered the Witness Security Program to hide from the dangerous drug cartel that will be exposed in court. As the story picks up in this action-packed sequel, Jack arrives in Los Angeles to stay with his college-age sister, Joanne, only to find that she has foolishly blown their cover. Kidnapped and flown to Argentina, Jack and Joanne show their mettle in a series of violent confrontations and other frightening situations. Filling in readers on the background from the previous book takes a bit of time, but once the pace of the story picks up, it never flags; both the heroes and the villains seem larger than life. Sometimes the story strains credibility but may be just the thing for readers who crave plot-driven fiction full of action and danger. Carolyn Phelan  Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved


Reminder:  Don't forget to study  your commonly confused words and to watch for them  -- and spell them correctly -- in your writing! 

Book-of-the-Month:  Find another novel, but in a different genre, and read it by October 25.   For example, if you read a fantasy book in September, you could read an adventure or historical fiction or other genre this month

To find our lists of recommended books and of books you may not use, go to

Books you may NOT use for the Book-of-the-Month assignments