Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2, 2011

September 2, 2011

Bell-Ringer/Self-Starter: Pick up your composition book.  In the middle section "Notes and Quick Writes" -- right after the plot line diagram -- label the page with date and title:  9/2/11  "Insiders and Outsiders?"   Write for about a half page or so on this question:  "Have you ever felt like an outsider, someone who didn't fit in somewhere?  When and where?"  and/or "Do we have insiders and outsiders at our school, or did you at your elementary school? Who were they?  (not specific names, but types of people)
 (If you were absent and do not have the plot diagram, copy it from the back white board if it's still there, or copy it from a classmate, or you can copy it from the class blog.)

Important: Have you signed up for your book-of-the-month book?  Ask for the list for your class.  
See more information about the Book-of-the-Month Assignment on the tab above labeled Book-of-the-Month.

Spelling Test:  Take the test on the names of your teachers, your counselor and the administration.
There will be a retake available after  two weeks during Cave Time.

Read from The Outsiders and take some notes on exposition.
A1 finished packet
A2 through the first page of packet
A3 through the second page of the packet

Do this in your composition book -- in the middle section "Notes and Quick Writes" -- right after "Insiders and Outsiders?"

Label the page “Notes on Exposition”  with today’s date.

Create two columns.  Copy these headings and notes, then continue to take notes as we read.

What I've found out                          How I know from the text 
It’s daytime.                                                The narrator steps out of a
                                                            movie theater into bright

  The narrator has                               He says so. He hates most
green eyes                                           guys with green eye.

Darrell (Darry) and Sodapop             The narrator tell us.
are the narrator's brothers


Media Center Field Trip
Last 40 minutes of class: You are expected to be quietly attentive to Mrs. Jones, then to spend the extra time either getting acquainted with where books are in the media center,  looking up books on Alexandria, or finding a book and checking it out.

A1 9:00
A2  10:35
A3  12:05
A4   2:05

Important Note:  If you have brought your composition book and haven't yet received points for it, please show it to me.  I graded all that were here at the beginning of the week, but it is your responsibility to show me yours when you bring it in after that.