Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

1.  Self-Starter:  Pick up Composition Book.
Pick up and tape in half-sheet about Capitalization/Proper Nouns -- on the next page in your Editing section.
If you finish early, practice your commonly confused words since we will be playing a game with them a little bit later today.

 Handout -----------------------------------------------------------------
Capitalization #3   September 15, 2011      from Kathi Appelt, My Father's Summers (2004)
Tape this into your composition book.  Underline the capitalized words in the passage. Then create a  numbered list of all the words in this passage that are capitalized. (27? including repeats) Underline the capitalized words in the passage. For each word, tell why it is capitalized. You should list repeats, but you don't need to tell why each is capitalized once you already have.
Example:     1.  Ford Mustang  – It gives two brand names.  Both are proper nouns. 

     When I was nine, my parents borrowed my grandmother's new Ford Mustang because it had air conditioning and because my grandmother insisted, and because there was no way our old Chevy could make the two thousand miles from our house on Mayo Avenue in Houston to Decker, Montana, where my father's old Army buddy owned a sheep ranch. . . .   It was the first day after third grade at Pearl Rucker Elementary School, and I held the bag of peppermints Mrs. Dodge had given me, along with a note: "Thank you for being my star this year."  I didn't like peppermints, but they were from Mrs. Dodge, and I loved Mrs. Dodge.  So my two younger sisters wouldn't get a single one for the whole drive there and back.  We drew imaginary boundaries on the vinyl seat and dared each other to cross them.

Bonus:  Why isn't grandmother capitalized? ________________________________________

2.  Sparkle!  We will play the spelling game called Sparkle using your commonly confused words.
confused words chart.doc 

3.  In your composition book, in the middle section "Notes and Quickwrites," continue to  use the full two page spread labeled  "Events/Episodes in The Outsiders" (Episodes/Complications which contribute to the RISING ACTION)
For each significant event/episode write a sentence that uses these words:
"Because. . . . . . . .  [this is what happened:] . . . . . . . "  or  "[This happened. . .. ] because. . . . . "
For example,
"Because Ponyboy was walking home alone after the movie,  the Socs were able to jump him."
"Because Ponyboy's brothers and friends came, the Socs stopped beating up Ponyboy and ran away."

______  More  "this.. . . because. . . . " sentences.
Cherry threw a Coke at Dally because he wouldn't leave her alone and was talking dirty to her.
Dally stopped bothering Cherry because Johnny told him to stop.
Cherry and Marcia were alone because their boyfriends brought alcohol.
Johnny was scared by Two-Bit because he had been jumped.
Johnny was cut up so badly because one of the Socs who jumped him was wearing rings.
Because Johnny was so scared after being jumped, he carried a six-inch switchblade, and he would kill the next person who jumped him.
Ponyboy says mean things to Johnny because he is angry about Darry.
Two-Bit slaps Ponyboy because he says mean things to Johnny (and Johnny is "the gang's pet," meaning everyone looks out for Johnny). 

Reading The Outsiders (and listening to the audio book)
A1 from top of page 33 to top of page 44, chapter  3  12:15
A2 from halfway through page 25  to page 37, beginning chapter 3
A3  from halfway through page 27 to page 40, Chapter 3  5:11
A4 from halfway through page 31 to page 45, Chapter 3   (page 45, track 1)

  • Spelling retake is available during Cave Time beginning September 15. 
  • Don't forget to be reading your book-of-the-month.  See the questions for the assessment under the Book-of-the-Month tab above.  You will write your answers in class on September 23.  
  • If you haven't finished or haven't taken the SRI, please use a Cave Time to go to computer lab 223 (by Peet and Heng) to take the test.  Mrs. John knows how to help you get in and take the test.  Please go knowing you own student number. 

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