Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Self-Starter:  Pick up the half-sheet tape-in.  Mark the paragraph as directed.   Paragraphs 1 2011.doc
Spanish only: Los párrafos 1 - 2011.doc

2.  About paragraphs:  We will be learning how to write Mary Poppins Paragraphs: Practically Perfect in Every Way!
What is a paragraph?
A paragraph is a group of sentences that have a topic in common.  Of course, there's more to it than that.  A paragraph can have any number of sentences, but for our purposes,  it will have at least five sentences. 

We are using color coding to mark the parts of a paragraph:
The topic sentence is green because it gets thing going.  It names the topic and makes a statement about it.  (You could also call it a CLAIM.)

The body sentences are yellow because they throw light on the topic -- lighting up or making it clear.  (They contain pieces of EVIDENCE that the topic sentence is true.)

The conclusion is red because it brings the paragraph to a stop.  Later when you are writing essays, there might not be a concluding sentence for a paragraph, or it may serve as a bridge into the next paragraph.

The paragraphs we will be writing will also use transitions to bridge smoothly from sentence to sentence, and to show the relationship from idea to idea or from sentence to sentence.

Learn more at

3.  Reading The Outsiders (and listening to the audio book) --
A1 from page 80 (page 45, track 2, 30:48) to page 99 (Chapter 6, 22:31)
A2 from page 75 (page 45, track 2, 22:21) to page 98 (Chapter 6, 22:21? top of page 98)
A3  from  page 75  (page 45, track 2, 22:24) to page 93, (Chapter 6, 14:36)
A4 from  82  (page 45, track 2, 34:34) to page 104, (Chapter 6, 32:0)

List episodes/events in your composition book.  

Students answered various questions, and we discussed Cherry's loyalty/disloyalty, whether Ponyboy was right when he said that Dallas Winston would never care about anyone, and other issues.  
For some of the questions, we drew names to find out who would answer. 

Today is the day for Book-of-the-Month make-ups during Cave Time.
Find more information about paragraphs at   November 2, 2010

Extra Credit Poem Memorization