Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 18, 2011

Bell-Ringer: Individual Reading for your contemporary realistic novel -- and fill out the sheet about narrator, character, setting, conflict.  If you didn't get it done in class, it is homework.

Contempory Novel 1.doc

Narrator in Literature


2.  What do you notice?

What Do You Notice? April 18, 2011

3.  Begin Practice Core Test.

Sorry, but I will not be able to do this on Wednesday morning since I have a meeting I must attend. I will be available Wednesday after school. 
Important:  I will be here before school at 7:15 on Wednesday the 20th and after school on Wednesday the 20th for those people who missed the District Writing Test to take the test.

Reminder:  Next week we will be taking the State Core Language Arts Test.  Please come to school rested and having eaten a nutritious breakfast, and bring a clear water bottle -- all of which you should do everyday anyway!   test_taking_tips.pdf

If you haven't signed up for your Book-of-the-Month, you need to do that right away!  Also, bring your book all this week and next.   We will be completing some assignments with your books in class each day this week.  (If you have finished reading it, bring another book to read next week in case you finish your testing section early.)  

Elements of literature
Main idea
review of commonly confused words, etc.
Using Reference works -- Dictionaries, etc.