Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 8/9, 2010

Book-of-the-Month Projects Due Today.  They may be handed in for points through Friday, March 12.  Don't forget to staple yours to the rubric for that type of text feature.

Computer lab to complete assignments as needed by students. 
You could spend your time in computer lab either
     1) Editing and Revising one or both of your MyAccess essays.  Make sure you look for Ms. Dorsey's message and embedded comments, and use the message and comments as you work on your essay.
     2)  Finishing your Book-of-the-Month project:  a timeline, who's who, what's where, glossary, or other external text feature Ms. Dorsey has approved.  Make sure you use the rubric (grading sheet) as your do your project, and hand in that rubric with your project.

Please bring a book to read in case you are all done with your assignments.  (This could be your fantasy or science fiction book for the next Book-of-the-Month.)

Please keep the projects you typed for Ice Story at school.

If you are absent today, you will need to finish up these assignments on your own, and get any late or revised work completed and handed in by Friday, March 12.