Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 24/25, 2010

  March 24/25, 2010
-- Editing:  Subject-Verb Agreement

-- Finish Shackleton for  B1(1:18),  B2  (1:20), A1.

-- Poetry  --identify main ideas and emotions in poetry 
We started reading Love That Dog by Sharon Creech, and imitated some famous poems.
To the left is a photo of Sharon Creech's yellow dog.

Here are the famous poems used in Love That Dog:

Poems to Imitate, to be INSPIRED BY

-- Receive Book-of-the-Month Assignment for March/April.   
Sign-up as soon as possible.  
Bring your individual book to read.

Fantasy/Science Fiction Book-of-the-Month Assignment

Due April 14/15 

Sample for Part 2: 
Sample Answer

    Veil of Darkness: Book One of The Earthsoul Prophecies
by Greg Park is a fantasy novel. It is fantasy because of the setting and because of the magical aspects including strange creatures and the powers of many of the characters.
           It is set in a medieval-type world created by the author where the “Earthsoul” and  all life on that world are being threatened by evil beings – some from beyond death, and others corrupt mortals. 
    Evil beings have created fierce and frightening creatures such as the shadowhounds and the huge flying bat-like K’rresh.   On the side of good are the intelligent and deadly dolphin-like lumtars.
    The main character is a young man named Jase who is of the royal family, but has been raised away from the palace on a farm near a small village. Nevertheless, he has been trained in the use of weapons and other martial arts.
           His mother has special powers with making things grow, and as the book begins, Jase is discovering that he too has special powers, but his seem to be purely destructive ones.  Other good characters in the book use the powers of Ta’shaen to protect and heal and fight against evil.  The evil characters corrupt the same powers to destroy.
    Veil of Darkness is clearly fantasy because of the setting, because of the strange creatures that do not exist in the real world, and because of the magical powers that are used by many of the characters.

Sample for Part 3 of the Assignment