Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels

Here are some suggestions for your fantasy or science ficition books:


Alexander, Lloyd  –  The Book  of Three L770, The Black Cauldron L760, The Iron Ring L680, and others.
Anthony -- Incarnations of Immortality; Xanth series L@750
Asprin – Myth series, Thieves’ World Series    L710-980
Babbit, Natalie – Tuck Everlasting   L770
Banks, Lynn Reid – The Indian in the Cupboard L780, and others
Barron, T.A. – Heartlight, The Ancient One L910, The Lost Years of Merlin (series) L770, and others.
Beagle, Peter – The Last Unicorn and others   L820
Bradbury, Ray  – Something Wicked This Way Comes L820
Brooks, Terry – Sword of Shannara and others L830-1220
Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold    L830
New: Chabon, Michael – Summerland (500  pages)
Collins, Suzanne -- Gregor the Overlander series
Cooper, Susan – Greenwitch L830 , The Dark is Rising L920, Silver on the Tree  L900, and others.
Cowell, Cressida-- How to Train Your Dragon  (Lexile: 990, recommended for ages 9-12, grades 3-5)
Dasher, James -- The 13th Reality  (Science fiction)
Donaldson, Stephen – Lord Foul’s Bane and others
Eager, Edward -- Half Magic L830 (part of a delightful series)
Eddings, David – any novel L800-900
Farmer  – The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm  L660, The House of the Scorpion  (Science fiction)
Feist, Raymond – Magician: Apprentice L940 (485 pages)
Goldman – The Princess Bride L870
Grahame – Wind in the Willows L1140
Hale, Shannon -- Princess Academy, Goose Girl, and others
Jacques, Brian - Redwall and others  L800
Jordan, Robert - The Wheel of Time series
Kendall  – The Gammage Cup  L950
Kurtz, Katherine – Deryni Rising and others
L’Engle, Madeline – A Wrinkle in Time L740, A Wind in the Door, etc.
Lewis, C.S. – The Chronicles of Narnia L870-940 (fantasy), Out of the Silent Planet L1020  (160 p.),   Perelandra,, That Hideous Strength, and others. (scifi/fant)
Lubar, David --Hidden Talents L630, True Talents L590
McCaffrey, Anne – any novel   L910-1120
McDonald, George – The Princess and the Goblin   L1030
McKinley, Robin  – Beauty L970, and others.
Mull, Brandon -- Fablehaven books and others
Nix, Garth – Keys to the Kingdom, Seventh Tower, and others
Park, Greg -- Veil of Darkness and others
Pullman, Philip – The Golden Compass L930 and others
Riordan, Rick -- Percy Jackson and the Olympians (and he has a a new series centering on Egyptian gods)
Rowling, J.K. –  H. P. and the Sorcerer’s Stone L880 and others
Sanderson, Brandon -- He has his own novels and has been selected to continue Jordan's  Wheel of Time series.  Try the Mistborn books.  The Rithmatist is a novel written for your age.
Stewart, Mary – any novel   The Crystal Cave L960
Stroud, Jonathan -- The Bartimaeus Trilogy begins with The Amulet of Samarkand  800L
Swift, Johathan – Gulliver’s Travels   L1330
Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Hobbit L1000, The Lord of the Rings  L860,810,920, any novel
Ursu, Anne and Erin McGuire -- Breadcrumbs, The Real Boy
Weatherill, Cat - Wild Magic (a re-imagining of Robert Browning's "The Pied Piper of Hamelin") L530
Weis/Hickman – The Dragonlance series
White, T.H. - The Once and Future King L1080, The Sword in the Stone L1120, and others.
Yolen, Jane  – any novel above Lexile 700

Inbetween Sci-Fi and Fantasy:
Russell, Romina -- Zodiac

Science Fiction

Adams – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy L1000

Asimov, Isaac – any novel L740-1250

Bradbury, Ray - The Martian Chronicles, any novel

Card, Orson Scott - Ender’s Game and others. L780-910

Christopher, John – Pool of Fire, The White Mountains, City of Gold and Lead L760-970

Collins, Suzanne -- The Hunger Games series

Condie, Ally -- The Matched series, Atlantia

Coville, Bruce - My Teacher is an Alien L650, many others. My Teacher Fried My Brains, My Teacher Glows in the Dark L740

Crichton, Michael – Jurassic Park, The Lost World L710,670

Dasher, James -- Maze Runner series, The Eye of Minds

Dickenson, Peter -- Eva

Farmer – The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm L660, House of the Scorpion

Haddix, Margaret Peterson -- Turnabout L690

Lewis, C.S. – Out of the Silent Planet and others (scifi/fantasy)

Lowry, Lois – The Giver (some years this is a class book) L760, Gathering Blue L680, The Messenger, Son (just out fall 2012)

Lubar, David --Hidden Talents L630, True Talents L590

Philbrick – The Last Book in the Universe L740

Shusterman, Neil -- The Everlost Series, Unwind, Downsiders, The Eyes of Kid Midas

Sleator, William – Singularity L740

Verne, Jules – Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea L1040,1080

Wells, H.G. – The Time Machine, War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man L1070,1170,980

Westerfeld, Scott -- The Uglies Series, Leviathan Series

Youd, Samuel (written under the pseudonym Christopher, John) -- The Tripods series: When the Tripods Came 760L, The White Mountains 920L, etc.

See more below.

The Always War -- Haddix

Only for our reluctant readers with far- below-grade level lexile
Applegate, K.A. , Animorphs  series 460L to 640L

Note for Parents:   Many distopian novels, as with other novels, may be more appropriate for high school than for junior-high-aged students. For example, I believe the Hunger Games series is too "old" for seventh graders.  However, due to its great popularity, many, many of them  are reading it anyway.  I recommend that as parents, you read books along with (or before) your children.  Because different parents have different expectations for their children's reading maters, when I ask students to select an individual novel to read, I direct them to get parent approval as well as my own.  

If you're looking for especially "safe" distopian fiction, look at the Among the Hidden  (Shadow Children series or at Phantom Tollbooth, or A Wrinkle in Time.  Matched by Ally Condie has received positive reviews from some who would censor many  books, as have the City of Ember books.

Distopian:  Some may already be on the above lists.

Examples of books you could read include 

Hunger Games or other books in the series

Uglies or other books in the series

Matched or other books in the series (Crossed, the second book, just came out.)

Gathering Blue or The Messenger by Lois Lowry (Some years we read The Giver as a class.)  

Ender's Game or other books in the series

Hidden Talents or True Talents by Lubar 

Truesight  and others in the series

The Last Book in the Universe by Philbrick 

Tunnels or other books in the series

City of Ember or other books in the series

Leviathan  or other books in the series

Incarceron or other books in the series

Maze Runner or other books in the series

Maximum Ride or other books in the series

Among the Hidden or other books in the series

Unwind by Neal Shusterman 

Everlost by Neal Shusterman

Eva by Peter Dickinson -- Go to  Ms. Dorsey's Summer Reading and scroll down to find a brief review of Eva.

Related nonfiction link:

The Adoration of Jenna Fox 

House of the Scorpion

The Ear, The Eye, and The Arm

The Tripods Trilogy

Bar Code Tattoo  or other books in the series  (Warning: Some "mature" content.)

A Wrinkle in Time  

The Roar 

The Looking Glass Wars -- (a very different version of Alice in Wonderland -- very violent) 

Birthmarked recommended by Mrs. Jones in the media center

Blood Red Road  ? (I haven't read this one.)  (It has been recommended for those who loved Hunger Games.)

The House of Power (Atherton Series)  ? (I haven't read this one.)

The Sky Inside   ? (I haven't read this one.)

House of Stairs  ? (I haven't read this one.) 

Pendragon: The Reality Bug 

Truesight by David Stahler, Jr.

 Recommended and Ridiculous:  The Phantom Tollbooth 


Scott Westerfeld (author of The Uglies series) recommends this new book.   Below is his blog post about it.  However, I don't know yet whether it has stuff in it that your mom wouldn't like, so approach with care:

Scored – A New Dystopian Novel

Ridiculously Simplified Synopses (1) from Shelfari:

  • Which comes first? Your future or your friends?
Several famous fantasy writers say that one of the  books that hooked them on fantasy when they were young was Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword

From American Fork City Library Teen Book Club on November 10, 2013:
ANOMALY by Krista McGee

Start Reading today's book in HTML:


Thalli has fifteen minutes and twenty-three seconds to
live. The toxic gas that will complete her annihilation is
invading her bloodstream. But she is not afraid.

Decades before Thalli's birth, the world was decimated by
a nuclear war. But life continued deep underground, thanks
to a handful of scientists known as The Ten. There they
created genetically engineered human beings who are free
of emotions in the hope that war won't threaten the world

Thalli is an anomaly, born with the ability to feel
emotions and a sense of curiosity she can barely contain.
She has survived so far by hiding her differences. But
then her secret is discovered when she's overwhelmed by
the emotion of an ancient piece of music. The Ten quickly
schedule her annihilation, but her childhood friend,
Berk--a scientist being groomed by The Ten--convinces them
to postpone her death and study her instead. While in the
Scientists' Pod, Thalli and Berk form a dangerous
alliance, one strictly forbidden by the constant
surveillance. As her life ticks a way, she hears rumors of
someone called the Designer--someone even more powerful
than The Ten. What’s more, the parts of her that have
always been an anomaly could in fact be part of a much
larger plan. And the parts of her that she has always
guarded could be the answer she’s been looking for all
along. Thalli must sort out what to believe and who to
trust, before her time runs out.

Another possibility: PETER NIMBLE & HIS FANTASTIC EYES and THE NIGHT GARDENER by Jonathan Auxier
Gr 4–6—About The Night Gardener:  Storytelling and the secret desires of the heart wind together in this atmospheric novel that doubles as a ghost tale. Irish immigrants to England, Molly and Kip make their way to the Windsor house in search of employment. The great house stands in the shadow of a menacing tree, which locals speak of only in fearful whispers. Despite her young age and the warnings of a local storyteller, Molly uses the power of her own words to secure work, but soon realizes that all is not right in the house. Constance, Bertrand, Penny, and Alistair Windsor each struggle with personal demons, and strange footprints appear at night. A malevolent spirit, the Night Gardener, haunts the estate, dooming its inhabitants with foul dreams while the tree grants wishes to entrap the recipients. Molly and Kip must face their own dark secrets to release the Gardener's hold and end his evil enchantments. Auxier gives readers a spooky story with depth and dimension. Molly's whimsical tales illustrate life's essential lessons even as they entertain. As the characters face the unhealthy pull of the tree's allurements, they grow and change, revealing unexpected personality traits. Storytelling as a force to cope with life's challenges is subtly expressed and adds complexity to the fast-paced plot. Readers of Mary Downing Hahn or Peg Kehret's ghost novels will connect with the supernatural elements and the independent child protagonists of Auxier's tale of things that go bump in the night.—Caitlin Augusta, Stratford Library Association, CT

A movie coming out soon:  Divergent