Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 12/15, 2010

March 12/15, 2010
 Today, March 12,  is the Last Day to submit any late work or revisions on essays, book-of-the-month projects, or spelling.   
   *Don't forget to attach the rubric (grading sheet) to your project before you hand it in.  

Cave Time
 -- Spelling tests only will be available  in Cave Time today.  
-- Do not expect to retake a test unless you know exactly which tests you need and have studied the prefix or suffix and spelling words. 
-- If you still need to revise and edit an essay, you will need to do it in computer lab 223 with Mrs. John.  

Ms. Dorsey will be at a Mock Trial competition most of the day on Friday.  Hand in work to your class top wire basket.

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