Friday, February 5, 2010

February 8/9, 2010

1. Finish reading The Giver -- Hopefully! using Reading Maps

The Giver, chapters 21 - 24  = 27 minutes 
chapter 21 -- 11
chapter 22 -- 7
chapter 23 -- 9 

2. Writing persuasively --
Students will begin writing a persuasive essay based on The Giver.
Your task to argue either 
    We should change our community to be more like that in The Giver in one or more ways.  (Security is more important than freedom.)
    The community in The Giver should change in one or more ways.   Freedom is more important than security.)

Audience:  Either the leaders/elders or the people/community members. 

For links to handouts and model essays go to :
You'll find these items:  
Persuasive Writing Guide
Sentence Outline 
Writers' Models to show what it takes to receive the various scores. 

We'll be writing these essays next time.  


What do you know about writing persuasively?  

Practice Spelling  -- Test Next Time!
-ment which means action, state of, result of   
government, equipment, environment, amendment 
Other -ment words:  judgment, acknowledgment,  abridgment; refreshment), a product (fragment), or means (ornament). monument,  appeasement, advancement, adornment , chastisement, containment,