Monday, February 1, 2010

February 3/4, 2010

Spelling:  The suffix for today is -ment.
Vocabulary/Spelling #16           Test on February 10/11
 Suffix to study:   -ment  which means action, state of, result of
Notice that -ment turns words (usually verbs)  into nouns.

1.     government       gov -  ern   - ment          
             Extra credit: “Govern” comes from a Latin word meaning “to steer” as in steering a ship.  

2.     equipment      e – quip – ment
                Extra credit:  “Equip” comes from an Old Norse (Scandinavia/Norwegian) word meaning “ship” because it originally had to do with fitting out (preparing everything needed for)  a ship.  
3.     environment      en-vi-ron-ment
                  Extra credit: “En” means “in.”   “Viron” comes from  “around, circle, turn.”

4.     amendment    a-mend-ment
                  Extra credit: “Amend” means to “correct, or to free from fault.”
                 Do you know about any of the amendments to the Constitution of the United States?

                                     Ode to "-ment"
                     Modifying  words into  

For all the prefix/suffix spelling assignments, see

The Giver, chapters 17 - 20 = about 53 minutes
        Today you'll be reading on your own and answering questions about what you read.

chapter 17 --  13 minutes  
chapter 18 -- 11
chapter 19 -- 10
chapter 20 -- 19