Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 23/24, 2010

Bring your nonfiction book today to read or to work on the external text feature you have chosen to create. 

Activity self-starter 1a. Prepare for spelling test by  completing a crossword or wordsearch.

Activity self-starter1b.  In your composition book, under writing, tape the small handout, edit the passage, and write in answer to the prompt.

1) Fix the punctuation and capitalization in this passage. (Editing)

growing up in westchester new york elizabeth cody kimmel did not find much in the way of sub-zero temperatures and blizzards to play in. In her imagination, however, each winter brought the frozen wasteland of antarctica to her doorstep, and in her dreams she explored the icy peaks and glaciers surrounding the south pole.

2) Prompt:  If you could go exploring, where would you go? Why? 

Activity 2: Class watches a clip from Ice Story.

Activity 3: Groups read from Ice Story, collect information for their external text features. 

Activity 4:  Time for individuals to read and work on projects for their own nonfiction books.