Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 25/26, 2010

February 25/26, 2010

Important note:  Please check your scores on MYAccess.  Many students still need to revise and edit  their work on the Theme in Literature essay (your January Book-of-the-Month assessment)  and the Persuasive essay (based on The Giver).   A few still need to do one or more of these assignments. 

-- The last day to work on either of these assignments for credit is March 12. However, if you do not submit before March 4, you will not be able to receive points for revising.
-- Your user name is your first name and student number.  Your password is 999 with your last name.
-- Check messages and comments on PowerSchool and when you log into MYAccess.

Activity 1 :  Self-Starter.  In your composition book, under writing, tape the small handout, edit the passage, and write in answer to the prompt. 

Activity 2: Spelling test today on the spelling words based  on the suffix "-tion":
-tion means act or state
Words: attention, population, operation, transportation
Extra Credit:  
trans = across
port = to carry

at = to 
"tend" = bend or stretch
oper = to work

populare  = people, to inhabit

New spelling list:
Vocabulary/Spelling #19            Test on  March 3-4
 Prefix to study:   un-  which means   not
1.    unable
2.    unfit
3.    unequal
4.    unearned
5.    undone

Activity 3:  Examples of Timeline and Who's Who.
   Upload the example of the Timeline here:

Project: Example of Timeline

   Upload the example of the Who's Who here: 

Project: Example of Who's Who

Your project will be due March 8, with no late work after March 12. 

Activity 4: Read Ice Story in Groups

Activity 5: Watch more of the DVD for Shackleton, an A&E movie about the Shackleton Expedition.