Monday, December 3, 2018

PEE Writing -- More Student Samples

This one comes from Lily S.  She has added a third piece of evidence with its explanation.  

       One of the themes in the book The Hunger Games, by Susan Collins, is "Acts of courage and love can inspire and unite people to fight against oppression ." 

       "'Prim!' The strangled cry comes out of my throat, and my muscles begin to move again. 'Prim!' [...] 'I volunteer!' I gasp. 'I volunteer as tribute!'" (22).

       The capitol holds an annual game, to oppress the districts by sending a girl and a boy from each district to fight to the death. Katniss explains, "In District 12, where the word tribute is pretty much synonymous with the word corpse, volunteers are all but extinct (22)." When Katniss's sister, Prim, got chosen for the games, Katniss volunteered because she knew Prim was too sweet, gentle, and sensitive to survive. When Katniss volunteered, she became a contestant of the game, to save Prim's life. The people of the districts saw Katniss's acts of courage, love and were inspired uprise and fight for their freedom against the capital. 

      "For a while, we hold each other's gaze. Then, without even rustling a leaf, her little hand slides into the open and points to something above my head." (184).

       Rue was pointing to a "tracker jacker" nest that saved Katniss's life. From that point on Katniss took Rue underneath her wing and protected her like she was Prim, even though Rue would have been an easy target for Katniss and they should have be rivals in the game. They watched over each other. They used a Mockingjay bird to communicate with one another. When Rue was killed, the Mockingjay became the symbol for the districts' uprising against the oppressive capital. Katniss 's act of kindness won the hearts of not only the districts but also people within the capital watching the games.

       "'One.' Maybe I'm wrong.'Two.' Maybe they don't care if we both die.'Three!'" (344)

       At the end of the Hunger games, Katniss and Peeta are the last two contestants alive. The game makers announce that only one of them can live to end the game. Katniss and Peeta love each other and have helped each other during the game, inspiring the districts. Now, they have been asked to kill each other, which would have deflated the hope and inspiration they gave to the districts. Peeta offers to let Katniss kill him, but Katniss refuses to let the capital claim another life and betray the trust and integrity she had built with Peeta. Katniss devises a plan that will foil the heinous attempts of the capital. They will both take poisonous berries at the same time so they would die together. Right before they eat the berries the game makers stop the game and claim Katniss and Peeta as dual victors. The was capital is denied a single victor, and the spark of hope for the districts became a large flame. 


Thanks to Keely W.   (Some editing has been done.)  She has turned her PEE writing into an essay, adding more introduction and adding a conclusion.   She does need to add the page numbers for her parenthetical citation.   The thesis sentence could be improved by adding the main reasons: 
"People make mistakes, so they should get a second chance" is a theme in Restart because everyone Chase was mean to before the accident decided to give him a second chance: Brendan, the video club, and Shoshanna.  

Have you ever done something in your life and all you want to do is start over? Well in the book Restart by Gordon Korman there is a guy that had to restart his whole life because he got amnesia from falling on his head. His name was Chase. The theme of this book is, "people make mistakes so they should get a second chance". I will support my theme with my evidence and explanation with each quote in the book. This is a theme because everyone he was mean to before the accident decided to give him a second chance.

The first quote to support my theme is, "But he's a different person now since the accident. And the more I get to know him the more I like him" (  ).  My evidence to support my theme is that Chase was mean to Brendan but after the accident he was really nice to him. Therefor Brendan is giving Chase a second chance. 

My second quote to support my theme is, " As soon as someone from the A-list showed even the slightest interest of the video club, we all went weak in the knees and lined up to love him" ( ).   My evidence to support my theme is this quote shows that before  Chase had his accident he would make fun of the video club. But afterward he really likes the video club and wants to be their friend. So the video club is giving Chase a second chance to be nice to them, maybe even be their friend. 

My third quote to support my theme is, "It was easier when I could just hate his guts, no questions asked. But it's not as simple as that" ( ).  My evidence to support my theme is that this quote shows that when she knew Chase before the accident he was really mean to Shoshanna's brother, so he had to move. But now she sees how nice he is and how she wants to be his friend. So she gave him a second chance to be her friend.

In conclusion, I think that the theme to Restart is that "people can make mistakes but they should be able to get a second chance". I think this is the theme because in the book he had a rough time being nice to people and not bullying them. Then after the accident he lost his memory, so he did not know how he was before, so now he is really nice to them. In my essay we talked about  how to support my theme with evidence and explanation from the quotes in the book. I think that you should read the book Restart