Monday, December 3, 2018

Monday/Tuesday, December 3/4, 2018


Announcements and Reminders for Monday/Tuesday, December 3/4, 2018:

Welcome! Please get out your
composition notebook and a copy of The Outsiders.

Continuation from Previous Lesson: Last class, we learned
        Our next spelling set is on these words: 
December 5/6:

10. here/hear
How long have you been here?
I can't hear you.


11. barely/barley
I just barely made it into class on time.
I enjoy bread made from wheat and barley.


Remember to make sure you have done the following: 
  • completed your Canvas Assignments:  Outsiders Text Messages and Argument PreQuiz,
  • turned in your Theme and Evidence Worksheet (goldenrod) from your October Book of the Month, 
  • completed and revised and edited your PEE writing on MyAccess for your October Book of the Month. 
  • Be rereading your book for the December Book of the Month -- the letter to an author. 
I have checked everyone's October Book Assignment and Canvas Assignments within the past two days.    You will need to let me know when you have written,  finished, or revised your October Book of the Month assignment (PEE writing)  on MyAccess.

We will try to finish up The Outsiders today.  If you feel you couldn't finish it in about 20 minutes, take your questions and read at home -- online.  
Here is The Outsiders -- the whole book -- online:


Targets for Today:

I can respond in writing to a listening and viewing experience.
I can collect evidence for an argument essay.

Today’s  Agenda for Monday/Tuesday, December 3/4, 2018:

Pick up your composition book. 
1.  Listen to/view this video, then write a response that is at least a half page long.  
Respond with your own reactions -- thoughts, feelings, connections (including memories), how this might influence you. 

Title it "How I See People," and add today's date. 
This Will Change How You See People Forever -- David Flood

2.  Collecting Evidence for an Argument Essay about The Outsiders  for A-Day

Imagine that Johnny lives and  can walk. 
Should Johnny Cade be punished 
      for the death of Robert Sheldon?  
FYI -- According to one source, murder constitutes someone "intentionally and knowingly" committing a crime, whereas manslaughter involves "recklessly doing something."

Each person will be assigned a page or pages to prepare a quote to be used as evidence.  

You need 
  1. useful evidence, 
  2. the quote copied exactly, 
  3. the page number in parenthetical citation, 
  4. and an indication whether this would be evidence of guilt or innocence.


3. B-Day -- Argument Writing -- Writing Body Paragraphs -- Counterclaim

        Snow may be beautiful, but I cringe when I see it outside—and not just from the cold; I dread going   anywhere on a snowy day. First, snow that is condensed by tires on the road quickly becomes ice on the road, which
may be invisible to the eye. While most people say that snow plows relieve this danger, it never quite eliminates it,   and this danger makes me think twice about going outside when it snows. Second, where I grew up in Virginia snow   an inch thick or more generally meant that school was cancelled. When I wake up to snow in Utah and know I have to go to school, it feels like continuing my daily work is a crime against the laws of nature. In sum, I dread going anywhere on a snowy day because it is more dangerous and it seems to go against the laws of nature.

Thesis: Ponyboy is a hero because he is willing to think of people beyond the labels they have been given and because he is willing to change.

        Ponyboy is a hero because he is willing to see people beyond the labels they have been
given. The first time he does this is during his conversation with Cherry at the drive-in movie, when Cherry says, “You want to know something? ... Things are rough all over,” Ponyboy says,“I believe you” (Hinton 31).  Since Cherry is a Soc, this shows that he is willing to see thingsfrom a different perspective—one that is often hostile to his own. Later on in the novel, after he and Cherry argue about whether she should be helping the Greasers, it is Ponyboy who smooths things over. He asks, “Hey, … can you see the sunset real good from the West Side?” Then he says,  “You can see it good from the East Side, too” (Hinton 110). This exchange shows that he is willing to forgive Cherry for her part in the painful things that have happened and that he recognizes that in the end, people are more similar than they are different, whether they are Greasers or Socs. In sum, Ponyboy’s willingness to see things from a different perspective and to recognize the similarities between people make him a hero.”

Directions -- 
1) write their name at the bottom of your paper
2) Underline the point of your paper in pink/red
3) Underline the Evidences in your paper in green

4) Underline the Explanations in your paper in blue


If Time -- A2 did this. 
 Writing your Letter About Literature 
        -- Corresponding instead of just Complimenting 

Reader's Response

"Not all books are right for all readers. "

What was your response to a book that has had a special meaning to you?  


Argument Vocabulary: 

If You Were Absent:

Watch this and write a response to it:
This Will Change How You See People Forever -- David Flood


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