Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wednesday/Thursday, May 16/17, 2018

Announcements and Reminders:
Some students will need to finish up their SAGE Testing today.  
May 23 is the last day to hand in late work, revisions, and 
extra credit. 

Your book project is due on May16/17  (changed to) 
May 18/21.  You will receive extra credit if you present early. 
See Required Reading/Book Assessments, April/May for more details.
We have 13/12 days of school left, including the hour or so on the last day.  

Don't forget to study your Latin and Greek word roots!  

Targets for Today:

I can show what I know about reading comprehension (by taking the RI reading test). 
I can use my time wisely to prepare for my book of the month presentation next time (Symbolic Story Representation).

Today’s  Agenda:

1.  Quick look at symbols --

2. RI  -- Lab 224  -- Sit at your folder/composition book number.

Log in to the RI using
Username: YourStudent #
Password:  YourStudentNumber@AFjh  (uppercase AF, lower case jh)

Taking the RI Test

sample question: 

3. Work on your book projects.

Other types of symbols --
elements:   fire, wind, water, etc. 
shapes:   circle for wholeness, heart, triangle for strength 

If You Were Absent:
See above. 


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